Sunday, March 13, 2016

Press TV Publishes Anti-Semitic Demonization of George Soros

Back in 2007 Iran, in an attempt to present their point of view to the English speaking world, established Press TV, an English language TV news channel. Recently they have published an article condemning George Soros that uses disgusting, anti-Semitic rhetoric against him. The article is dated March 13, 2016. (I am not linking to garbage like that.)
An American political analyst says Jewish billionaire George Soros is attempting to destroy the candidacy of Donald Trump, because he is not part of the Zionist controlled Satanic New World Order. ...

“The ability of international power brokers to control and influence marginalized or simple minds continues to be used to defeat democratic processes and human rights,” [the American "analyst"] said.

“We saw the destruction of the Ukraine when the money of demons like George Soros was used to fund fascist mobs.  We see the same tactics being used in the American presidential election with George Soros once again funding violent opposition mobs to disrupt the legal free speech of a candidate who is not part of the Zionist controlled Satanic New World Order (NWO),” he added. ...

“The fact that we see the most obvious servants of Israel leading the attack against this one man should be a major clue that the political parties are a farce, and that the true enemy of civilization, Zionism, are in extreme fear of what will happen should Trump win,” he observed.

“Washington works with the assumption that every member is corrupt, and can be exposed to prosecution if they get out of line. Bringing a non-politician who does not belong to a Satanic secret society, or who has not been compromised so as to be controlled by extortion, defeats the entire control system,” he noted.
If one does not like George Soros then condemn him in a factual manner. But bizarre talk like this that uses hateful anti-Semitic stereotypes and bizarre conspiracy theories is hate speech. This is wrong.

It is shameful that Press TV should publish a useless and bizarre article like this.

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