Sunday, March 6, 2016

Another British Israelism Book (June 1, 2015)

Back on June 1, 2015 another book promoting British Israelism came to be published. This 60 page book is from a minister in Virginia.

Here's part of the synopsis.
This book seeks to reveal to the British and American people their true identity and how that revelation relates to Bible prophecy for the end time house of Israel.

And finally, it is a watchman’s trumpet sound of warning and call to repentance of a people—descendants of ancient Israel—who have a history with the ancient of days, with God’s end-time remnant Church at the forefront of the worldwide reformation, or face the brunt of the upcoming Tribulation. It is an additional voice to the legacy left by the late, great Evangelist Herbert W. Armstrong. An awesome eye opener for the lay Christian and novice in religion!


  1. Google Books has more information. It turns out that he praises Herbert Armstrong in the introduction and makes mention of Gerald Flurry with the PCG.

    And I ask, will it ever end???!!!??

    How many more times and how many more ways do we have to debunk British Israelism?

  2. I didn't see that. My word. How unfortunate it is that HWA and Gerald Flurry are able to influence people in this way. However the author appears to be the leader of his own religious organization so it seems odd for such a person to praise organizations that insist they alone are the only true church.