Monday, March 21, 2016

PCG Youths Talk About Dating

Back on June 29, 2013 PCG held a discussion about dating that appears to have been hosted by Rachel Dattolo and Jeremiah Jacques.

First opinions from the men in PCG are mentioned.
One big thing for me is conversation. If you can have a good conversation about what was talked about in the service, or world events, in particular. That’s a really, really big part of a successful date for me.
Of course personal tastes will vary but I cannot help but wonder does he want to talk like this because it interests him or because he is simply imitating PCG's 1%?

Here's one comment from a man who often writes for PCG.
Something I like is eagerness. You can be throwing yourself into the date, trying to give yourself in conversation as much as you can, but if the person on the other side is not responding, it does make it a little bit trickier. The guys are obviously supposed to lead in conversation and such, but to have someone who wants to interact, who wants to have that conversation or take part 100 percent in the activity really does help a lot. 
And what is wrong with a woman leading a conversation? Why make it an issue?

What if that is not necessary for the man "to lead in conversation"? Sometimes that might not be a good idea.

The women's opinions are mentioned afterwards.
I really like it when someone pays attention to you. I’ve had dates where people are on their phone and they’re texting, and I know they’re texting a girl because I can see. … Or, you’re in a conversation and you feel like they’re not even there. That’s something that really bothers me and it’s kind of similar … to them just really being interested. Because it’s a date.
Is that what men in PCG are like? I am glad this woman mentioned this. That is appalling. It shows how interested he is in the woman sitting right at the table with him. Women deserve better than that.

In the COGs there has long been a lot of pressure to expect the young to marry only within the group. This is a harmful practice which is exacerbated by how small most of the COGs groups are.

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