Friday, March 11, 2016

Developmentally Disabled Palestinian Killed on December 26, 2015

Many authoritarian groups teach their followers to view matter in a simplistic black and white way. It is easier to control people if they are taught to view life in such a way. When it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict the COGs teach a simple black and white story. One side is good. One side is bad. So if the good side does something wrong the COGs ignore it because it does not fit into their dogmas.

Here is a disturbing report of a developmentally disabled Palestinian who was killed by Israeli security personnel on December 26, 2015 in Jerusalem. The COGs are blinded by racism so they will not pay attention to events like this.
At an early age, [Mus'ab Mahmoud Al-Ghazali] was diagnosed with an intellectual development disorder. Mus'ab also had physical problems, causing him difficulty in walking. That morning, Mus'ab left his house at 8:00 am to go to his uncle's workshop and to collect empty plastic bottles, as he usually does. Approximately an hour later, the family received a phone call from the Israeli Intelligence asking Mus'ab's father and his cousin to go to the interrogation centre in Jerusalem. They were questioned about Mus'ab's affiliation and about his actions before leaving the house that morning. The father confirmed that Mus'ab was a special-needs young man and that there was no way he would stab someone. ...

An anonymous witness stated that he had been passing by before the shooting and saw Mus'ab sitting on a bench near Bab Al-Jadid. Within seconds, he saw two Israeli policemen on horseback going towards Mus'ab who had his hands up and seemed frightened. His palms were open and the witness claims that they were empty. Suddenly, the two policemen shot Mus'ab and he fell to the ground on his knees. The two policemen stepped down from their horses and came closer to Mus'ab and continued to shoot him with 4-5 bullets. Mus'ab then fell to the ground. (From Killing to Burial: Questions Left Unanswered, March 10, 2016.)
More on this fatal shooting may be seen here and here.

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