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PCG's Joel Hilliker and WorldNetDaily

The following post was prompted by the following anonymous comment discussing an article by Joel Hilliker.
How to stand like a man by the boy in the bubble!

Joel Hilliker quite literally lives in a fantasy world. In a previous article by Hilliker found here: Joel makes a few interesting statements about his perfect existence. In the article Hilliker candidly admits that he has been full-time employed by the PCG since 1997! Effectively what this means is that ‘Lil Joel now in his early forties has been living in the rarefied enclave of PCG privilege at Edmond for a very large portion of his adult life.

Joel Hilliker quite literally has no functional idea of what modern life in the real world is like. Sadly, at the same time, this doesn’t stop him dispensing platitudes, simplistic ideas and crap like this to people stupid enough to actually take him seriously.

Hilliker especially has no understanding of the life faced by the average Joe in the PCG.
In a sermon a few years ago, Hilliker who has a senior editorial role on the Trumpet magazine staff, joked that he has a reputation for being late in meeting his editorial deadlines. In his message he just laughed that off. If he was actually working for real publication in a professional commercial workplace and was consistently late like that he would quickly find himself unemployed. However Joel’s sister is Gerald Flurry’s daughter-in-law, subsequently there’s no risk of anything like that happening to him any time soon.

In real terms Joel’s existence is one of nepotism, seclusion and privilege, yet at the same time he has the gall to tell rank and file PCG members on how to be men.

Over the last few years Joel Hilliker has been carefully grooming and stylising himself as the relationship expert of the PCG. More and more Joel’s sermons and articles have focused on such topics as child-rearing, dating, manliness, masculine leadership etc. In these messages Hilliker never misses an opportunity to dispense his simplistic text-book world view.

It’s a great life cutting and pasting WND articles and renaming them as your own, doing radio shows, singing in musicals or giving occasional sermons.

I would like to issue Joel Hilliker with a challenge: Resign from your employment in the PCG, leave Edmond and go out into the workforce and support yourself and your family by getting an actual job in the real commercial environment of 2016. Only after a few years of this can you come back and tell us about what being a man is really like.

PS. Just where in the NT is there anything even resembling doctrine or instruction like this? God looks on a person’s heart, their faith, their character not on the shape of their spine.

Apparently the apostle Paul physically was a very unattractive person:

2 Cor 5:12 For we commend not ourselves again unto you, but give you occasion to glory on our behalf, that ye may have somewhat to answer them which glory in appearance, and not in heart.

2 Cor 10:1, 7 Now I Paul myself beseech you by the meekness and gentleness of Christ, who in presence {in presence: or, in outward appearance } am base among you….

2 Cor 10:10 For his letters, say they, are weighty and powerful; but his bodily presence is weak, and his speech contemptible.
It is not possible for me to verify much of what is said in the comment above. But it is certainly true that Joel Hilliker has quoted WorldNetDaily in his writings as noted here and here.
Egyptian security officials are also reportedly expressing concern that Palestinian terrorists are moving south to plan attacks on Egyptian targets. ... One Egyptian official told World Net Daily, “If Palestinians from Gaza succeed in carrying out an attack against Egypt, it will be a turning point in Palestinian terrorism.” (Joel Hilliker, Sinai Becoming Terrorist Haven, September 19, 2006.) 
Matt Hissey says when he manned GOProud’s CPAC booth, he was thanked by a stream of participants for coming and “for driving the wingnuts away.” Barron criticized a prominent Republican attorney for her role in the boycott by branding her “a nasty bigot.” He called boycotting Republicans “losers” and sneered, “They’re all excited that Jim DeMint is boycotting. And that’s fantastic. I’m glad that he’s willing to be on the Island of Political Misfit Toys with [World Net Daily’s Joseph] Farah and the Concerned Women for America.” (Joel Hilliker, Amazing What Passes for ‘Conservative’ These Days, February 16, 2011.)
Also worth noting is one article by Joel Hilliker that quotes a book published by WorldNetDaily. Hilliker's article uses that book to promote PCG's absurd and racist false prophecy that African Americans are fated to soon launch riots against the white majority. (Joel Hilliker, Ignoring the Race Riots Won’t Make Them Disappear, July 25, 2012.)

As for PCG in general I know of 19 articles written from 1999 to 2014 in which WorldNetDaily is quoted. In these articles WorldNetDaily is never criticized nor is it even mentioned that it happens to leans far to the right regarding politics. About the only way one could be more right wing than them is to be become an actual far right extremist. This indicates that PCG's leaders trust WorldNetDaily.

(Although as far as I know UCG has quoted WorldNetDaily even more than PCG.)

Joel Hilliker was based in the State of Washington during his early days in WCG. First Tacoma and then Bremerton. Quite likely most of the people of the State of Washington would be embarrassed to be associated with Joel Hilliker or PCG in any way. (That is if they even knew PCG existed.)

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