Friday, March 4, 2016

What Audience is PCG's Joel Hilliker Trying to Reach?

In a previous post it was noted how PCG's Joel Hilliker exploited an article written by a student in California to vilify Black Lives Matter protesters as haters of the Constitution and as scary people. Since 1992 PCG has taught a racist false prophecy that African Americans will soon launch a wave of riots against the white majority.

The article came from the website of the Afrikan National Coalition, a student organization for African Americans. It is highly doubtful that Joel Hilliker was randomly browsing the website of the Afrikan Black Coalition himself. Quite likely he learned of it via a right wing leaning news outlet. I strongly suspect Hilliker learned about the article via (Or maybe it was WorldNetDaily.) PCG has quoted him as early as 2007.

But there are certain other persons who condemn Black Lives Matter who have reposted Blake's article and commented on it. Let's take a look at what they say on this matter.


Here is a quote from one webpage that discusses Blake's article.
A Black Lives Matter thug is demanding that there be a new Constitution and threatens that if this doesn’t happen, “there will be bullets.” Okay, right there he is making terrorist threats and inciting violence so arrest the filthy racist scumbag!

But, we all know that will never happen in Obama’s Amerika because if you are black then you can do whatever the hell you want. That is Obama’s only accomplishment for the black community. Free reign to be a racist, cop hating anarchist thug. Better education? HELL NO. Opportunities for jobs and careers? NOTHING. Racism baby, that’s what Obama is all about. Dude is garbage.
The constitution was written by WHITE MEN. Therefore it is racist… Look, bro. If you are a failure then it’s your own damn fault. Or your one parent that kept you while they smoked crack and committed robberies and collected welfare did a horrible job ‘raising’ you. ...
Anyways, the dude’s name is Blake Simons. He claims that our Constitution is the root of all the problems for black people in America. What a moron. ...

He goes on with the racist crap claiming blacks are oppressed. It’s pathetic. Obama built this.

For the record, Blake is a Lois Farrakhan supporter. No doubt that he supports the Kenyan as well
I have no idea if that accusation that he is a supporter of Louis Farrakhan is true. Looking elsewhere I suspect it might not be true or perhaps somewhat exaggerated. 

There are so many things wrong with this post.


Here is another article that mentioned Blake's article.
Black Lives Matter Leader Issues Cold-Blooded Threat: Replace the Constitution or This Will Happen 

Blake Simons, a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, has released an article on the Afrikan Black Coalition website where he demands that the United States replace the Constitution or “it will be the bullet” for “White America”.

The article reads very much like a terrorist threat, something we have come to expect from the likes of the BLM movement that seems fueled more by passion than by the facts.

 Here is another article that mentioned Blake's article.
What we are seeing, this reemergence of 1960’s Black Panther’s, is a result of Obama’s transformation of America.  After the paid for main stream media finds a story of a white cop killing a black, their marching orders are to publicize the story nationally-and put a big lean on the race element.  They can’t site facts.  They don’t go down to Watts, or Compton, or Harlem, or Detroit or Chicago, where emergency rooms brace for the “friday and saturday night gun and knife club” to meet.  You want to see blacks and hispanic lives being snuffed out?  Go to LA County USC Medical Center on a Saturday night.  That is the biggest inner city hospital in the nation.  Go there main stream media and report how many blacks are killed every weekend by other blacks.  This “Black Lives Matter” movement is nonsense.  It is a astro turfed movement, like Occupation Wall Street, funded by those puppet masters who want to transform America. ...

Again it’s sad.  It even sounds like a rap song.  A call to a race war?  Obama brainwashed you.  You’ve been punk’d.  Stop the nonsense, get your education and do some good in the world.  Go make a difference, stop being the problem.
Never mind that Blake Simons is actually at University getting an education.


Here is another article.
If you believe “equality” is still the goal, please, read this entire article linked below (and note the “Black Power” shirt). Because “equality” or “peace” is not the goal. Apparently, this day in age, everything is about radical extremism.

After seeing these websites I feel compelled to wonder:

Is this the audience Joel Hilliker is trying to reach out to with his articles and radio broadcasts?

Are tithes paying PCG members happy that their leaders seem to be trying to get people who think like that to join their congregations?


  1. Radical people, and extremists tend to be attracted to and to rely upon radical sources. In many cases, they don't even realize that this has happened, nor do they perceive what it has done to them. That's what causes them to be so out of balance. This first became obvious to me when I tried to "help" some people who were heavily invested in conspiracy theories. They just get to a point where they only trust their own sources, most of which stick to a fairly narrow party line.


  2. So true. Stuck in an information bubble.