Thursday, March 3, 2016

Peaceful Protests Against the Assad Regime Resume in Syria

Thankfully a cessation of hostilities has been agreed to in Syria. There have been reports that there have been violations of the ceasefire. But it appears in large areas of Syria the ceasefire has held granting a small respite from the ongoing conflict. And in the some of the rebel held territories in which the ceasefire has taken hold many people there has staged protest rallies calling for the end of the Assad regime.

These protests show that what really caused this unfathomable cataclysm in Syria is the Assad regime's violent behavior against an initially peaceful protest movement from 2011 onward. It is horrifying beyond words that the Assad regime's widespread violence and bloodshed against protesters sowed the ongoing catastrophe in Syria. Their acts of violence provoked the armed insurgency and escalated a political crisis into the current cataclysm. It was the Assad regime's campaign of violence and bloodshed that provoked the initially peaceful protest movement to take up arms in response.

Some seem to think that the Assad regime is the only force capable of maintaining stability in Syria. Maintaining the Assad regime's rule while silencing democratic calls for change with violence is what caused this cataclysm in the first place. Propping up the Assad regime without maintaining legitimacy in the eyes of the Syrian people is the cause of the current instability in the first place. The Assad regime is the cause of the instability in Syria.

Some say we need to prop up the Assad regime in order to counter ISIL. The Assad regime is the lesser of two evils it is asserted. But it was the Assad regime's campaign of violent repression that allowed ISIL to flourish within Syria in the first place. If the Assad regime had chosen to deal with the issue peacefully and work with the protesters instead of using violence and terror the lackeys of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi would never have been able to invade and colonize Syria. (ISIL is not Syrian. ISIL terrorists are not Syrian rebels. ISIL is trying to colonize as much of Syria and Iraq as they can.)

Those opposed to the Assad regime tend to view the Assad regime and ISIL as parts of the same problem. It is not possible for the Syrians in rebel held areas to protect the nation against the usurpers and murderers of ISIL while enduring severe bloodshed and violence at the hands of the Assad regime, pro-Assad sectarian militias and Russian airstrikes.

May this ceasefire (as fraught as it is) lead to better things for the people of Syria. May peace soon come to Syria and Iraq.

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