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The Hillikers in WCG

One of the most prominent leaders of PCG is Joel Hilliker, the managing editor of PCG's recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet and host of The Trumpet Hour on PCG's radio station, KPCG. He has even edited some of Gerald Flurry's writings.

His sister is Amy Flurry, the wife of Stephen Flurry. They have lived all their lives within a COG group, first WCG then PCG.

Their parents are Carl Hilliker and Maggie Hilliker. Carl Hilliker is a minister in PCG.

Let us take a look at their lives within WCG as mentioned in the pages of the Worldwide News.


The first mention of the Hillikers in the pages of The Worldwide News date to an event on December 30, 1981. At this point the Hillikers lived in Tacoma, Washington.

It is intriguing to wonder if the Hillikers knew of Gerald Flurry at this time considering that he was a minister for WCG in the State of Washington from 1975 till 1985. But on the other hand Gerald Flurry was not based in Tacoma during his time in the State of Washington. Others were in charge of the WCG congregation in Tacoma. So it is quite possible that this is just a coincidence. It is to be hoped that further information will come to light to clarify this matter.

On December 30, 1981 there was a celebration held by the Women's Service Club in the hose of Carl Hilliker. Carl and Maggie Hilliker organized the games for the children at that gathering.
The TACOMA, Wash., Women's Service Club sponsored an International Children's Party Dec. 30 at the Carl Hilliker residence. The children made costumes, representing different countries, from paper sacks and crepe paper, which they paraded. Games were organized by Carl and Maggie Hilliker. A puppet show, with dolls in native dress, was presented by [Name] and assisted by [three names follow] and the children. Refreshments were served by [Name] and assisted by [two others]. (Worldwide News, February 1, 1982, p. 7.)
On June 14, 1982 a meeting of the Women's Service Club was held in Tacoma, Washington, in which Maggie Hilliker gave a speech.
The TACOMA, Wash., Women's Service Club closed its club year June 14 with it's first men's night, a banquet at the Royal forks restaurant attended by about 60 club members and guests, Hostess ... introduced Maggie Hilliker, who led tabletopics. (Worldwide News, July 19, 1982, p. 10.)
It appears that the young Hillikers were model students as far as can be seen from the pages of the Worldwide News. Several achievements of theirs are mentioned. In the first of several of such achievements the young Joel Hilliker was made student of the month for November 1982 at his elementary school. There is a picture of him in the article.
GIG HARBOR. Wash. - Joel Hilliker, 10, was chosen as Purdy Elementary's student of the month for November. His teachers say he is an outstanding student and an "all-around nice guy." An article about Joe appeared in the Peninsula Gateway, the community paper.
Joel attends the Tacoma, Wash., church with his parents Carl and Maggie Hilliker and his younger sister Amy. (Worldwide News, February 7, 1983, p. 6.) 
On May 1, 1983 the young Amy Hilliker gained second place in a poster contest. This was mentioned in the August 22, 1983 issue of Worldwide News.
GIG HARBOR, Wash. - Amy Hilliker, 8, a third grader at Purdy Elementary here, placed second in the Pierce County primary division poster contest May 1. The theme of the contest was "Keep Washington Green" and was sponsored by the Washington State Natural Resources Department.
Amy attends the Bremerton, Wash., church with her parents, Carl and Maggie Hilliker, and her brother, Joel. (Worldwide News, August 22, 1983, p. 6.)
It appears that at some point between May 1983 and August 1983 the Hillikers moved from Tacoma, Washington to Bremerton, Washington. From that point onward articles discussing the Hillikers are headlined Gig Harbor, Washington.

On November 2, 1985 the young Joel Hilliker was first in the junior division of a regional talent contest for a piano performance. Later when they joined PCG both Joel Hilliker and Amy Flurry would record songs for PCG.
More than 200 attended the YOU regional talent contest for the PORTLAND, Ore., and TACOMA and SPOKANE, Wash., areas, which took place in Spokane Nov. 2.
Melvin Dahlgren, pastor of the Tacoma and Olympia, Wash., churches and YOU regional coordinator, was master of ceremonies and awarded plaques and prizes to winners. ...
Joel Hilliker, 13, of the Bremerton, Wash., church placed first in the junior division with a piano solo. (Worldwide News, December 16, 1985, p. 4.) 
 In 1989 Joel Hilliker gained an honorable mention in the national talent contest for YOU. 
PASADENA-The Youth Opportunities United (YOU) office in Church Administration announced the results of the 1989 YOU national talent contest. ...  Honorable mention went to ... Joel Hilliker, Bremerton, Wash.; [Twenty other names are mentioned in this group.] (Worldwide News, July 3, 1989, p. 8.) 
In 1992 Amy Hilliker gained an honorable mention in the general division of the creative writing contest for YOU.
Winners announced in YOU national writing contest 
The YOU Office announced the winners of the 1992 U.S. Creative Writing Contest. ...
Honorable mention in the general division were ... Amy Hilliker, Bremerton. Wash.; [Six others are mentioned in this group.] (Worldwide News, May 5, 1992, p. 8.)
In the summer of 1994 Joel Hilliker with Amy Hilliker started up a group of six named Traveling Barnraisers who did volunteer work throughout the United States participating in "work projects for Church members."
Traveling Barnraisers 
GIG HARBOR, Washington-Traveling Barnraisers, a group of six Church youths, traveled to 18 states for six weeks last summer doing work projects for Church members.

Church families fed and housed the youths while they worked for them. Among their projects: in Wyoming they helped clean up a ranch for a YOU camp; in Texas they hoed weeds from a cotton field; in Illinois, Michigan and South Dakota, they helped families build new home; and in Montana they did repair work on a building to be used for church services.

The 1993 Feast film on community service inspired Joel Hilliker, 22, with the idea of traveling volunteerism. He and his sister, Amy, wrote letters to about 20 friends and 50 church areas asking for their participation.

The rest of the group- David Patten, [two other names follow], Zrinka Pratezina-was assembled and response came trickling in. The Barnraisers plan to make a similar trip next summer. For more information on participating or to send a group to your area, write to Traveling Barnraisers, ... Mount Vernon, Washington.... (Worldwide News, November 29, 1994, p. 12.)
Zrinka Pratezina would later join PCG. I suspect David Patten joined PCG as well.

However changes were afoot within the Hilliker family by the time this issue of Worldwide News was published. On November 30, 1994, the day after this issue's publication, the Hilliker family attended their first service within PCG as Joel Hilliker revealed in a November 30, 2014 article.


Carl Hilliker became a minister for PCG. His articles may be seen here and here.

Maggie Hilliker became an aide for PCG's Imperial Academy as stated in a September 9, 2014 article.

One comment listed as made by Maggie Hilliker wrote a comment in response to an article by Robert Morley that accused President Obama of lying about Muslims. Morley's article was discussed in a previous post.
This is a powerful, eye-opening article that I wish all people would read. Sadly, we’ve passes the tipping point and most wouldn’t believe it anyway. But all of this is just putting us closer to the greatest showdown ever—that of Christ’s return!
Amy Hilliker married Stephen Flurry in early 1997 as Stephen Flurry mentioned in Chapter 17 of his 2006 book Raising the Ruins. (More about Stephen Flurry's book may be seen in a previous post.) Stephen Flurry is the son and presumptive heir to PCG's leader, Gerald Flurry.

Joel Hilliker gradually rose up the ranks within the PCG leadership. According to his November 30, 2014 article he was baptized into PCG around 1995. He began working within PCG's Headquarters around 1997. In the December 1997 issue of PCG's recruitment magazine Hilliker wrote an article about Turkey. He now appears to be the number three man within PCG behind only Gerald Flurry and Stephen Flurry. He has written many articles for PCG as may be seen here and here. The radio show he hosts may be listed to here.

Both Joel Hilliker and Amy Flurry have recorded songs of their singing for PCG.

Here are some of Joel Hilliker's recordings. (Mountain of the Lord (2000), Revealer of Secrets (2003), To a Princess (2004), Deep and Wide (2007), Go the Distance (2009).)

Here are some of Amy Flurry's recordings. (Hannah (2000), The Fortress (2002), Animal Kingdom (2003), Plowshares (2007).)

So it seems that materially and socially joining PCG has been quite good for the Hillikers. PCG has been favorable to some. But what about the others within PCG and those linked to PCG?

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