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Reading Dennis Leap's Tweets

So PCG's Dennis Leap is on Twitter. Let us take a look at what he has to say.

July 2011
Necklacing Brings Mob Terror to South African Slums via @theTrumpet_com
Without question South Africa has a severe problem with violent crime but a racist regime that favors whites will not solve that problem in any way. Shamefully PCG has a long history of sympathizing with the previous Apartheid regime and denigrating the current, democratically elected leaders of South Africa.

October 2012
#nbcpolitics This debate is much better. Mr. Romney seems so much more honest and believable !
PCG leans far to the right so naturally they wanted Romney to win the 2012 elections. Even though they do not vote they are far from neutral.
@Brad_Mac007 Too bad we cannot convert Bill O'Reilly--he is going to have a heart attack over all the political drama!
So Leap watches Bill O'Reilly it appears.
One sad thing about this coming election: no matter who wins--the other side is going to be deeply depressed.
Surprisingly non-partisan comment.

December 2012
Nothing profound to say other than happy 23rd to all PCG members .
If it is fine to celebrate PCG's anniversary than why is it "sinful" to celebrate the anniversary of one's birth?
Bill O'Reilly, shaken by tragedy in Newtown, CT admitted there was evil in the Universe. Feels nothing can be done. Change is coming Bill.
So Leap watches Bill O'Reilly it seems.

January 2013
Time of testing and trial is nearing the end. There has been much joy with the trials. I am curious to see what happens on January 16.
The January 16 doctrine is just a superstition.
Ten years ago today,PCG won copyrights to Herbert Armstrong's most important writing. That is why you can have his best-Mystery Of The Ages.
Just ignore the fact that it was easily accessible on the Internet while the court case was ongoing.

February 2013
Remember, the Sabbath is a love feast. Be sure to spend ample time with the Family of God. Have a great Sabbath!
It is terrible that Armstrongism perverted the Sabbath into a twenty four hour indoctrination session to make people more loyal to the group.
In 2012 more soldiers died by suicide than in combat. My coming Trumpet article will show the cause and solution to this tragic trend.

One U.S. veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes. Read my coming article in the Philadelphia Trumpet for the cause and solution.
If PCG's 1% really wants to make a worthwhile contribution addressing the problem of suicide let them abolish the infamous no contact policy. Later July 20, 2014 a PCG member committed suicide and it appears that the no contact policy may have played a role in causing that to happen.
The Sabbath is one of God's greatest gifts to us. Treasure it by studying "Our Awesome Universe Potential." Happy Sabbath everyone!
As stated before Armstrongism has perverted the Sabbath into a weekly, 24 hour indoctrination session. It is terrible that Armstrongism did this to the Sabbath.
My best friend and Homiletics Instructor Joel Hilliker very happy at another successful HWAC Speech Banquet, 2/18/13.
One, big happy family for PCG's 1% it seems.

March 2013
Deleavened my HQ office today. Wow what a great feeling.

Deleavened my home office and car today. Took about 4 hours. Getting rid of leaven is hard work, yet makes you feel on top o' the world!
Deleavening update: Only remaining decrumbing for me is moving appliances and sweeping out the garage--and of course my mind. That is hard.
It matters not how many times the premises are deleavened, God is not with PCG. Practicing such rituals does not justify in any way PCG's promotion of anti-medicine superstitions, the shunning of ex-members and members of the other COG groups and banning interracial marriage. Furthermore many of the other COG groups also observe the Days of Unleavened Bread and yet PCG's 1% impose the infamous no contact policy against them.
What a paradox--the Beast loves high culture: art, beautiful jeweled things, and even great music. Yet, they become destroyers .
The Germans are not coming.

April 2013
Writing on same-sex marriage debate for Trumpet. Working title, "Don't call it marriage!" Understand purpose for marriage all debate ends.
Armstrongism has a long history of vilifying the gay community to distract people from the problems among themselves.

May 2013
Japan authorities are tackling the plague of bullying in their schools. Read the only workable solution--"Winning Over Bullies,"
As if a group that orders its followers to shun ex-members could possibly know anything about defeating bullying.

June 2013
The Supreme Court's rulings on same-sex marriage is the quickest civil rights shift in US history. Read why so rapid.
Parts of this article are very similar to parts of Joel Hilliker's 2013 booklet, Redefining Marriage, which was released later in 2013. That is plagiarism.

April 2014
It all started with Harry Potter, yet the occult revival is not fun and games. Read about the dangers here
Vilifying Harry Potter serves to keep PCG members isolated from mainstream society.

May 2014
Proof of my Celtic roots--Irish and Israelite form bottom to top!
It matters not how many times it is asserted otherwise, the British and Celts are not descendants of the Biblical Israelites.

August 2014
Read "The United States of Gomorrica" for an honest look at how Americans have changed their views on morality here
Once again insisting that the United States will soon fall apart. Furthermore parts of that article are very similar to passage in Joel Hilliker's booklet, Redefining Family. That is plagiarism.

December 2014
My thoughts on police: some make fatal mistakes--most do not! Our Edmond police are some of the best. Anarchy will reign if USA has none.
It is amazing how PCG instinctively oppose any wave of activism by African Americans. And who proposed that there should be no police? That is a straw man argument.
Are you sad? Fleeing left out? Everyone is partying. You are not. Got courage? Read this
Here Leap justified PCG's anti-social ban against Christmas. The ban on Christmas serves to keep PCG members isolated from family and friends outside of PCG and encourages them not to spend money on presents for Christmas.

February 2015
I want to be more British. Read why Britishness is still critically important for our world here
British Israelism is still nonsense.

May 2015
In response to the fictitious portrayal of Moses in "Exodus: Gods and Kings," we begin a new series on the man Moses
Whatever one may think about Moses one things remains: God is not with PCG.

June 2015
"How blessed we are to be part of a Church where Jesus Christ is the Head." From: "The God Family Vision," by Mr. Gerald Flurry.
Gerald Flurry teaches that God is only with PCG. This is not true.
This is a tragic time for America. It is official. We are Sodom and Gomorrah. Read why this is such a disaster here
The "disaster" being PCG finding it harder to incite animosity against the gay community. Demonizing them is used to distract PCG members from focusing on and addressing the problems among themselves.

July 2015
Happy & peaceful Sabbath everyone. What a beautiful morning to reflect on all the good things God does for us!
Observing the Sabbath does not prove that PCG is the one, true church.

August 2015
You need to read and understand the story that Planned Parenthood wants to bury. Read my latest article here
In December 2015 a terrorist attacked a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs murdering three people including a police officer. As far as I know PCG never talked about that terrorist attack.

September 2015
"There, in the tin factory, in the first moment of the atomic age, a human being was crushed by books." John Hersey, "Hiroshima." Ponder it.
Exploiting the sufferings of the people of Hiroshima to get PCG members frightened that World War III is about to occur. That is shameful behavior and exploitation of their suffering.

October 2015
"James has a different idea about how we achieve happiness. As we rejoice in our trials, God rains down all kinds of new revelation." GRF
That is what Gerald Flurry claims. Every now and then he proclaims some sort of "new revelation" which supposedly proves that God is with PCG alone. This is nonsense.

November 2015
The protests at #Mizzou & other universities is just the start of trouble to engulf colleges. You need to read this
Those protests were exploited by PCG to insinuate that PCG's proclamations that African Americans are fated to launched a wave of riots against the white majority will soon come true. That racist false prophecy which has been taught since 1992 will never be fulfilled.

December 2015
#Hezekiah: This tiny seal is exciting proof God will protect His faithful people from the modern day Sennacherib rising in Germany!
There is no new Sennacherib coming to arise to power. The Germans are not even Assyrians at all. The Assyrians spoke a Semitic language. Germans speak an Indo-European language. Their languages are not even related. It is terrible that such a wonderful archaeological discovery should be exploited to promote such fear inducing false prophecies.
If you've seen "#StarwarsTheForceAwakens" you also need to read my article "Star Wars: The Religion" here
Exploiting Star Wars to try and attract new recruits for PCG. What a terrible exploitation of popular culture.
English 211 Blowout bbq and movie double feature: To Kill A Mocking Bird & Tale of Two Cities.
If there is anyone that need to learn more about racism it is PCG's leaders. I hope the leaders might learn something from that movie but considering how long they have spread nonsense about some mythical "race war" coming soon I doubt that will happen.

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