Sunday, March 6, 2016

WCG on the LA Riots of 1992

The Los Angeles riots of 1992 are discussed in the following issues of WCG's Worldwide News:
In the May 19 issue it is mentioned that one member's house had an electrical fault that occurred once the power came back on and it caught fire burning most of the family's possessions and destroying the house. Thankfully WCG members donated to them. (Worldwide News, May 19, 1992, p.1.)

It is also mentioned that WCG donated $10,000 to aid those in need in response to the riots.
Pastor General Joseph W. Tkach approved a donation of $10,000 that will be given to help victims of the Los Angeles riots who need food and clothing. (Worldwide News, May 19, 1992, p. 6.)
53 people died in those terrible days.

But shamefully to this day some exploit the pain and trauma of those deeds to nonsensically scare monger that even worse riots will soon occur in some sort of wave of riots against the white majority. This false prophecy of "race war" will never be fulfilled. It will never happen.

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