Saturday, December 12, 2015

Arutz Sheva Writer Calls for Helicopter Attacks Against Palestinians

Back on November 4, 2015 one Arutz Sheva writer called for harsh measures to be inflicted upon the Palestinians ("Effective responses to the 'third intifada'", Arutz Sheva, November 4, 2015.)
Self-defense is insufficiently exercised, when the government of Israel responds to an attack by an Arab against a Jew by blowing up an Arab-owned house, as if an irreplaceable life of a Jew is equivalent of a rebuildable structure.
The writer proposes that in retaliation for stabbing of Jews in Jerusalem the State of Israel should retaliate by unleashing a helicopter sortie against a Palestinian town. 
The proper response to an Arab attack against a Jew, in a market section of Jerusalem, for example, is a sortie by IDF helicopter gunships in a market section of an Arab town. Teach Arabs, the UN, the EU, and the OIC, the post-Shoah lesson: Jewish lives don’t come cheap.
What about the loss of life and property such a move would inflict upon people who in all likelihood are innocent of these stabbings? Palestinians seeing lives and property as having so little respect from the State of Israel would be more likely to retaliate violently. How does the writer respond to this?
The world will condemn Israeli retaliation, of whichever degree or kind, for an attack by an Arab against a Jew. So what? The world condemns Israel, for everything done or not done by it, anyway.
The writer also proposes seizing control of the Temple Mount and placing it under the control of Jews and only allowing to be there or even near it.

He also insists that Islam is not a religion.
Ideally, a Sanhedrin, not the Waqf, should be in charge of the Temple Mount.
A Sanhedrin should permit Jews only on the Temple Mount, or near it. Compare Jordan, which, between 1949 and 1967, excluded Jews from the Temple Mount and its Western Wall.
A Sanhedrin would ignore the pretense that the Temple Mount is sacred to Moslems, whose “religion” (which is actually a militant totalitarianism) was cobbled, and inflicted on the world, centuries after Abraham went with Isaac to Mount Moriah, and sacrificed the ram there, centuries after David conquered Jerusalem, centuries after the First Temple was built on the Temple Mount, and centuries after the Second Temple was built on the Temple Mount.
It was restricting Palestinian Muslims' access to Al Aqsa that did so much to spark the current wave of violence afflicting the Holy Land in the first place. Such aggressive moves are certain to incite much more violence. This is a terrible idea.

And so was the other idea about helicopter gunships.

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