Thursday, December 17, 2015

Listening to Stephen Flurry (December 16, 2015 Broadcast)

Just listened to the first 30 minutes of the December 16, 2015 broadcast of Stephen Flurry's Trumpet Daily broadcast. Here are a few notes of what he said then.

Stephen Flurry complains that the Obama Administration has (he says) given in to Russia to let the Assad regime stay in place.

Stephen Flurry cites Washington Free Beacon and Israel Hayom. Both are right wing news outlets.

Stephen Flurry complains that the IAEA has closed the case regarding allegations that Iran was planning to make a nuclear bomb. PCG has taught that Iran will be the King of the South since 1994. For years PCG has demonized Iran and scare mongered about them getting a nuclear bomb. Now that the IAEA is saying it is satisfied that Iran is not trying to make a nuclear bomb it will be so much harder to scare people with Iran. (It is also worth mentioning that in 2003 Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei issued a fatwa banning the possession of nuclear weapons as un-Islamic.)

Stephen Flurry says officials of the Obama Administration loath Netanyahu. This ignores the fact that despite such personal animosity there is much evidence of friendly relations between the United States of America and the State of Israel regardless of such personal animosities. For instance United States taxpayer money is used for 20% of the State of Israel's military spending.
The United States currently underwrites 20 percent of Israel's military budget through annual earmarks of $3.1 billion in weapons. (Josh Ruebner, "Military aid to Israel and US complicity", The Hill, November 9, 2015.)
Focusing on these personal disputes obscure the wider picture. Overall relations between the United States of the State of Israel are friendly.

Mentions over 20 Israelis killed and about 200 Israelis wounded by Palestinians killed since October 1. No mention is made of the fact that about 120 Palestinians have been killed and over 9000 Palestinians have been wounded since October 1. Palestinian lives do not seem to matter to PCG's leadership.

Stephen Flurry quotes an Israel Hayom article to say that the Arab Spring has transformed into an Islamist winter. PCG consistently condemned and scare mongered about the Arab Spring from the moment they started talking about it. Any hope that democracy might flourish was consistently denigrated and minimized by PCG's leaders.

Absurdly asserts that no one within the United States is challenging President Obama. That is just partisan nonsense. So many people have opposed the Obama Administration. What fantasy world is this? It is not true to say such a thing.

More partisan mud slinging and even nonsense from this broadcast.

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