Tuesday, December 1, 2015

PCG Mentions Anti-Vax Parents in Australia

On page 12 of the November 27, 2015 issue of PCG's Trumpet Weekly is the following paragraph discussing Australia restricting benefits to parents who (quite likely irresponsibly) do not vaccinate their children.
Australia bans anti-vax parents from benefits: Australia passed a law on Monday banning parents who don’t vaccinate children from receiving childcare benefits. The federal government’s new “no-jab-no-pay” laws will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2016. They will block rebates, childcare benefits and the Family Tax Benefit from all parents who choose not to immunize their children. The laws are part of a growing movement in the Western world to push for universal immunizations. 
It is disturbing that PCG should publish something like this. Tragically in recent years it has become popular to vilify vaccines partly due to a fraudulent 1998 "scientific paper". This current trend of anti-vaxxers is very dangerous and has contributed to the revival of diseases previously almost wiped out in the United States such as measles.

Sadly Armstrongism has a long history of promoting anti-medicine superstitions teaching that taking medicines or seeing doctors are forbidden by God. Many people within the COGs have died or otherwise compromised their health because of this doctrine of death.

Shamefully PCG continues to promote this most terrible and dangerous superstition. Gerald Flurry even praised the "faith" of those who died refusing to take medicines.
This is REAL, ABUNDANT LIVINGEVEN IF WE ARE DYING PHYSICALLY! Over the years in my ministry, I have seen a few people physically rot right before my eyes and yet remain loyal to God every step of the way to the end! Though it must be one of the most grotesque sights to see, at the same time it is one of the MOST MAJESTICALLY NOBLE examples ever on Earth, from God’s point of view! If someone is being loyal in circumstances like that, he or she is BEARING WITNESS OF THE FATHER! What a precious, extraordinary beauty that is! I know I will see those people again, and they will live FOREVER AND EVER! When resurrected, they won’t remember that trial for very long. They will have ETERNAL LIFE!
Are you prepared to trust God to heal you, now or in the resurrection? Well done, good and faithful servant, He will say if we trust Him to the end. (Gerald Flurry, The Last Hour, 2004, 2007, Chapter 5, p. 54.)
More people will suffer and die within the COGs because of this anti-medicine superstition.

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