Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Draft Refusing PCG Condemns Pierre Trudeau Refusing the Draft

PCG's Robert Morley, who is from Saskatchewan, Canada, has written an article (Like Father, Like Son?, January 2016) condemning Justin Trudeau and his father, former Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Within this article Morley asserts that the late Pierre Trudeau agitated against military conscription during World War II. (Please note: I do not know if Morley is right about this. I am simply looking at what Morley says.)
He [Pierre Trudeau] denounced Canada’s involvement in World War II, railed against conscription, and encouraged students to disobey draft registration. Later, he said he opposed the war because, like most Quebec boys, he “was taught to keep away from imperialistic wars.” ...

Eventually, in order to avoid general conscription, Trudeau was forced to sign up for officer school. It is unclear how he escaped military duty, but he ultimately left officer school and secured permission to travel to the United States and attend Harvard to study political science and economics. In his entrance exam, he stated a burning desire to become a statesman (Trudeau Transformed: The Shaping of a Statesman 1944-1965). (p. 11.)
What is not mentioned in the article is that Robert Morley's organization, PCG, forbids their members from serving in the armed forces. This is a doctrine inherited from HWA and before him from the Jehovah's Witnesses. 

Here are two examples of PCG banning military service for their followers:
The PCG frequently comments on American military weakness. Does this mean we support military action? ...

The Philadelphia Church of God’s newsmagazine, the Philadelphia Trumpet, frequently comments on American military weakness. This is, however, not because we support military action—we do not! This military weakness of the United States and Britain demonstrates the fulfillment of a biblical prophecy—that the pride of their power has been broken (Leviticus 26:19). In writing on this lack of military strength, the intent of the Trumpet is simply to show the extent to which God’s prophecies are being fulfilled in the U.S. and Britain. Because of disobedience, God has broken the pride of the their power and appointed terror over them (verses 15-16). ...

Consider: The Apostle Peter drew his sword in defense of the living Christ and was told to put it away. God does not condone violence. (Mark Jenkins, 2002.)
The battles of those of us in the Church of God are not of this physical world (John 18:36). Should conscription be required in our own countries, it should be confidently refused, and we should be able to unashamedly state the biblical reasons why... (Christopher Eames, 2015.)
If in the future there should be military conscription and PCG should oppose it I would not condemn them for that. But it is wrong for PCG to condemn Pierre Trudeau for opposing the draft when PCG would also oppose the draft as well. This is true regardless of what Pierre Trudeau's political leanings happened to be at that time.

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