Wednesday, December 9, 2015

PCG Says Arabs are Unworthy of Self Rule

According to the PCG leadership perched in Edmond Arabs and Muslims are unworthy of ruling themselves.
Should we care if another nation gains control of the Middle East? It is so far away from America, that it might seem logical for another power to control it; maybe even the Arabs and Muslims themselves. That might seem ideal, but that it is also naive. While many Middle East countries may be peaceful with the West, history shows that extremism would prevail. Nations like Iran and terrorist groups like the Islamic State would continue to thrive unless suppressed on the spot. We cannot risk such detachment in the nuclear age. (Abraham Blondeau, Pierce the Fog of War, December 6, 2015.)
In other words Abraham Blondeau says the people of the Middle East are unworthy of democracy. He insinuates that like little children the Arabs and Muslims of the Middle East "need" others to rule over them.

What vile, racist words! How dare Abraham Blondeau insinuate that the peoples of the Middle East are somehow unworthy of ruling their own societies. This patronizing attitude has been the cause of much pain and suffering.

What if someone said Americans "need" foreigners to rule over them or else "extremism would prevail"? Would Abraham Blondeau agree to such a thing for his nation? If not then he no right to expect such a thing from others.

Alas, this patronizing and contemptuous attitude is nothing new to PCG. Take a look at what PCG's Robert Morley said back in 2011.
In the Middle East—democracy just takes power from strongmen who work with America and hands it to thugs that want to destroy America. (Robert Morley, Trumpet Weekly, February 12, 2011 issue, p. 2.)
This patronizing attitude is wrong. Since it is wrong to say this to Americans it is wrong to say such a thing about others including Arabs. PCG needs to repent this contempt for Arabs.

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