Saturday, December 5, 2015

Joel Hilliker's Tall Tale of Legalized Pedophilia Now in Print

In PCG's latest issue of their recruitment magazine it reprints in a somewhat condensed and slightly altered form Joel Hilliker's nonsensical and inflammatory article insinuating that pedophilia will soon be legalized. It even includes an illustration by one Brooke Davis of what looks like a kid's drawing of a little kid crying.
How does it make sense to label a “born that way” pedophile who fulfills his desires a “monster”—but then to say that a “born that way” homosexual should fulfill his desires and even marry, because he was “born that way”?
It will never happen. Pedophilia is not consensual since the victim cannot give consent. The law protects children by acknowledging that the under aged cannot give consent for sexual acts. That is why it will never be legalized. Joel Hilliker fails to notice that important distinction.

This article is so shameless in promoting this disgusting and ridiculous nonsense. It is terrible that PCG should promote such nonsense to their readers and even print this nonsense in their recruitment magazine.

(An earlier version of Joel Hilliker's nonsensical article was discussed here and here.)

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