Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christians United For Israel Promotes King Hezekiah's Seal

Among evangelical Christians the main pro-Israel organization is Christians United Against Israel according to the 2008 book, For God's Sake by Lee Marsden. It was founded by John Hagee. Christians United Against Israel mentioned the discovery of King Hezekiah's seal.

The link goes to an article from The Times of Israel which like most articles about this discovery never mentions PCG or the unaccredited Herbert W. Armstrong College.
The excavations were a collaborative effort by the Israel Antiquities Authority and Hebrew University. Excavations at the site are contentious for taking place in East Jerusalem. (The Times of Israel.)
For more on this issue:
PCG and the Dark Side of Politicized Archaeology in East Jerusalem which discusses some of the moral problems of PCG's involvement in archaeological excavations within such a troubled land. 
PCG: Brad MacDonald's Vilification of the Palestinians of Silwan in East Jerusalem (2009). Here MacDonald insists that Palestinians in Silwan, East Jerusalem, are wrong to complain about their homes being demolished by Israeli authorities. 

PCG Boasting of Their Excavations in Jerusalem. A list of some of the articles PCG have produced promoting these excavations. 
A marvelous story awaits any journalist (American, British, Israeli, Palestinian, anyone) willing to take a look at PCG. Here are a few posts about PCG that any such journalist might find helpful.

PCG Tragedy. Discusses the tragic suicide of a PCG member last year that led to a lot of discussion concerning PCG's infamous no contact policy according to which PCG members are forbidden to contact ex-members or the members of related Armstrongite churches.
Gerald Flurry Says President Obama is an "Antiochus-type" Figure Just Like Tkach. Discusses Gerald Flurry's distinctive version of the "Obama is an Antichrist" idea.
PCG's False Prophecy of "Race War". PCG says African Americans are fated to launch a wave of riots against the white majority before Christ's return. This is a racist false prophecy that will never happen.
MUST READ: Is Gerald Flurry Praising Deaths by Medical Neglect? PCG's shameful promotion of anti-medicine superstitions.
PCG's Joel Hilliker Promoting HWA's Deadly Anti-Medicine Superstition. PCG's Joel Hilliker has also promoted anti-medicine superstitions.
PCG's Robert Morley Promoting HWA's Anti-Medicine Superstition. It is not just Gerald Flurry who says such things.
PCG's Income in Decline. For 2010: $20.6 Million. In 2012 $19.5 Million. Gerald Flurry let slip this insight regarding PCG's financial affairs in a 2012 booklet.
Unaccredited: PCG's Herbert W. Armstrong College. PCG's College in Edmond is unaccredited.
PCG and Bigotry Against Muslims (Islamophobia). PCG has a long history of vilifying Muslims.
Both PCG's Ron Fraser and Osama bin Laden Wrong About HIV/AIDS's Origins. PCG once incorrectly wrote in a publication of theirs that HIV/AIDS was generated by sexual promiscuity.
PCG Says Osama bin Laden was Right to Condemn America's Sins. PCG leaders bizarrely said that Osama bin Laden had a point in hating the United States.
When PCG's Ron Fraser Said, Death to Australia. PCG's Ron Fraser once insinuated that Australia did not deserve to survive in a 2008 booklet. Strange but true.
Less Than 7000 PCG Members in 1997. PCG's Stephen Flurry mentions that PCG had less than 7000 members in a 1997 article.
PCG Sympathizes with Apartheid South Africa. PCG has consistently sympathized with the Apartheid regime that formerly ruled South Africa.
PCG Discussing the 2014 War in Gaza. PCG chose to side with the State of Israel in last year's war. Little sympathy was expressed by PCG for the Palestinians who endured the vast majority of fatalities and casualties.
PCG Does Not Vote, But Are Far Right Wing. Although PCG does not vote their political views lie far to the right.

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