Monday, December 21, 2015

Joel Hilliker Suggests Avoiding All PG-13 Movies

Back in September 2009 Joel Hilliker suggested in an article that followers of PCG should just stop watching PG-13 movies altogether.
To become pure, we must be vigilant gatekeepers for what goes into our minds. Shun entertainment with inappropriate sexual content. Strictly avoid movies that contain nudity or lust-inducing sexuality. Before deciding to see a movie, check reviews from moral-based film critics; websites such as provide much more comprehensive explanations of possibly objectionable material than the only-vaguely trustworthy MPAA system employed in the United States. Consider cutting out “R” or even “PG-13″ rated movies altogether. (Joel Hilliker, Keep the Ghetto Out of Your Bedroom, September 2009.)
What a culturally impoverishing thing to do.

Armstrongism has constantly vilified and condemned popular culture in order to isolate us from society so that we become socially dependent upon the COGs.

If one thinks so much of popular culture is somehow sinful or wrong to view or read because of what some religious leadership should happen to say then they are trying to control you.

If does not watch such movies then he or she will stop spending money on such things. That money might go to PCG instead.

Also cutting out such movies will make it less likely that he or she will encounter information that may contradict PCG dogma within such movies. This makes it more likely that he or she will be even more under the influence of PCG.

We need to be aware of what such attempts to control people do to people. The allure of being righteous, doing the right thing and being better than other people is quite alluring and makes the voluntary restriction of such things seems like the good thing to do. But this practice leaves one more vulnerable to falling under PCG's influence.

PCG's leaders tell members to pay three tithes and convince them this is a good idea by saying it is the will of (PCG's) God. The same motive is used even regarding one's finances.


  1. I wonder what censorship should be put on the Key of David television show. That is certainly not fit entertainment for anyone. What a waste of money to watch Gerry 6-Pack with his constant repetitions. :-)

  2. Henrik,

    That is why the pcg garbage can play on early morning tv, before 6 am. It is pornography!

  3. Generally speaking, movies and TV programs are little morality plays. A person can learn any number of positive lessons from these, with just a few precautions. The problem is that the Armstrong movement has always insisted in single-sourcing all information for the members. They don't want positive lessons from any but church-approved sources. Their problem is that God uses all aspects of our lives to teach us, and often the lessons are completely independent from the Bible or ministers.