Tuesday, December 29, 2015

PCG and Native Americans

PCG is headquartered in Edmond, Oklahoma. Oklahoma has the distinction of being the State that has the higher population of Native Americans per capita. Oklahoma used to be named the Indian Territory. One reason for this is because what is now Oklahoma was the destination of the Native Americans who were cast out of their land and forced to travel the Trail of Tears from 1830 onward. And despite this remarkable history within the home state of PCG's headquarters they rarely ever talk about Native Americans.

Native Americans are rarely discussed in PCG's writings. Sometimes they are mentioned as a challenge to the rule of America because they were there before the rule of the United States was established there. At times it is mentioned that some Americans speculated that Native Americans were descended from Israelites (which is not true).

But PCG's dogmas have no specific use for Native Americans in their tapestry of false prophecies. So they are ignored even though Oklahoma, the state in which PCG's leaders are headquartered, happens to have the largest population of Native Americans per capita. They are there and yet are seemingly unnoticed by PCG's leaders.

Below is a list of quotations in which PCG's leaders obliquely mentioned Native Americans. But they were never included in PCG's tapestry of dogmas and so they are rarely discussed at length.
Now let us presume that the president announced that all land would be seized from its current occupants and redistributed to the descendants of the Native Americans present when the first colonists settled in Jamestown.
And then, imagine the horror of our citizens if the world reacted with relative disinterest.
In other words, imagine you were living in Africa. (Mark Nash, The Resource War, January 2002.)

Israel, on the other hand, was lost from world view, becoming known as the “lost 10 tribes.” Even though most in this world have not correctly identified these lost tribes, there was a time when it was at least more commonly known that they were definitely not Jewish. Oren, for instance, says many American colonists traced the lineage of Native Americans to the lost 10 tribes. (Stephen Flurry, Band of Brothers, February 2008.)

In America too, Islamic groups are pushing for a parallel legal system in which sharia law would be practiced. The American Muslim argues that American Indian tribal courts are a precedent that could be used as a model for an Islamic arbitral system in the U.S. (Robert Morley, Sharia Finance: Last Gasp of a Doomed American Economy, November 11, 2008.)

Speaking at the Power Shift conference in March, Van Jones told the audience that the whole human drama had been leading up to this point of time in America. He said America needed to completely revamp the whole economy to create justice for all and to avoid discriminating against various groups. He said we must pay women higher salaries. He said Native Americans had been locked out of the pollution-based economy and pushed down by the pollution-based economy, and needed to be lifted up in the new green economy. “No more broken treaties, no more broken treaties, give them the wealth, give them the wealth, give them the dignity, give them the respect that they deserve,” he said. “No justice on stolen land. We owe them a debt.” (Robert Morley, A Clear and Present Agenda, September 2009.)

The Chinese, Hindus, Irish, Native Americans and Persians also tell us of the divisions of speech by a supreme God. (David Vejil, The Key to Unlock Biblical Prophecy (Part 1), September 2010.)

According to Van Jones, America has a huge debt it needs to repay its minority groups. He said Native Americans, for example, had been pushed down and locked out of the pollution-based economy and needed to be lifted up in his new green economy. America needs to give them back their stolen land, wealth, dignity and respect they deserve, he said. The government needs to make sure women get paid more. And it needs to stop purposefully spraying chemicals on and poisoning “our immigrant brothers and sisters to get the food we want to eat.”  (Robert Morley, The Riots Are Getting Closer, October 4, 2011.)
(The above article promotes PCG's false prophecy of "race war".)
SAT scores in the U.S. declined for all ethnic groups except Asian Americans, the biggest decline being among blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans. (Anthony Chibarirwe, The Trouble with Education, September 29, 2012.)

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