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Letters to the Philadelphia Trumpet (1998-2010)

Let's take a look at some of the letters that have been sent to PCG's recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet, over the years.

Letters appears to have been introduced with the August 1998 issue.

August 1998

In this issue one writer ask how to escape nuclear World War III. PCG responds.
God promises a place of protection from the coming Tribulation in passages like Revelation 3:10 and 12:14-17. God has not yet revealed where that will be, or when to go. We are to watch and pray so we are counted worthy when the time comes (Luke 21:36). The Trumpet is an excellent guide on what to watch.
Is PCG denying that Petra, Jordan, will be the place of safety?
AS A CHILD 40 YEARS AGO [c. 1958], I REMEMBER reading about the United States of Europe and other end-time events in the Plain Truth my parents received. It was an interesting magazine, and I felt Herbert Armstrong had been touched by God with insight into the scripture, especially about the end time. I was pleased to hear Mr. Flurry preach about Iran’s leadership today and how it fits in with endtime scriptures, and to hear Gerald Flurry was carrying on Herbert Armstrong’s ministry. 
HWA never taught that Iran would be the King of the South. There was speculation among WCG's leaders that some sort of future political power would arise among the Muslim world but they tended to cast Arabs in this role, not Iran.  But Gerald Flurry departed from this by explicitly identifying Iran as the King of the South.

It also needs to be stated that in the Bible geography is centered around the Holy Land. Therefore "the South" means a land south of the Holy Land. Iran is east of the Holy Land, not south.

September-October 1998

Here is a letter from Britain.
THE ARTICLE “TERROR TRIUMPHANT” was extremely good. It appears that we are seeing a national re-run of the situation which developed in the former Worldwide Church of God—deception and persecution from within and from the top. As you are aware, our Prime Minister is a Catholic, and therefore acknowledges the Pope as supreme—not the lawful sovereign (the Queen). So Ephraim is being sold for less than a bowl of pottage. 
After he served as Prime Minister Tony Blair did indeed convert to Roman Catholicism. Did he do anything to harm non-Catholics in Britain while he served as Prime Minister? Did he do anything to weaken the monarchy? Did he belittle the Queen's office?

What wacky, deluded paranoia.
TIME OUT FOR CONGRATULATIONS AND compliments. What I am reading is so well-digested and organized. Each issue I think I have read the best—then I receive another issue and another level of excellence. This is so multi-dimensional. Seems like every base is covered. As I read, it is obvious that input is from a wide variety of sources. I have read three or four of the books quoted.
I will admit I was so taken in by Armstrongism I did indeed read a book simply because it was mentioned in Armstrongite writings.

December 1998

From Zimbabwe by a man of African descent. 
THANK YOU FOR THE COPY OF MYSTERY OF THE AGES, by Herbert W. Armstrong, we received recently. The book has been such a revelation to the word of God, we would like more books by Mr. Armstrong. After reading Mystery of the Ages, we felt regret over canceling our free subscription to the Trumpet. Please renew our subscription as soon as possible. After reading Mystery of the Ages, we now believe the world is under deception from the devil. The devil does not want God’s truth, as revealed in Mr. Armstrong’s book, to be known. 
It seems a bit odd how this writer could say this considering that HWA condemned inter-racial marriage in this book.

February 1999
I HAVE RECEIVED YOUR MAGAZINE FOR A long time and I read it all. It sure is informative. I’m very impressed with the issue, “Facing the Dragon.” The article on “Consumer Trade Wars” gives a lot of information, and the article on TV is just great—I don’t even turn my TV on anymore; I’d rather read and study God’s word.
That is not a good sign. 
AS A GRADUATE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF Oklahoma’s School of Journalism, I am exceedingly impressed with the quality of your magazine. The articles in the Trumpet are superb; they often “scoop” the major newsmagazines such as Time and Newsweek! Your international stories are consistently more accurate than, for example, CNN’s foreign reporting. I’m sure the Trumpet is more honest.
Did The Trumpet tell you that you need to pay three tithes and extra offerings or else you will be cast into nuclear World War III?
I ENJOY READING YOUR MAGAZINE EACH month. I was shocked when I read that the U.S. will hand over Panama to China in 2000.
That statement is so ludicrous. The Panama Canal was handed over to Panama. This agreement was made back in the late 1970s.

Why did the editors of The Philadelphia Trumpet think this letter was worth reprinting? 

May 1999
I CONGRATULATE YOU FOR YOUR WISDOM, your courage and your calling. I must say that your prophecy and the shortness of time before Armageddon make me believe that your calling is vital to the peoples of the world, even more so than in Herbert Armstrong’s day. Thank God for your understanding. I pray He will inspire and help you to get the message out to the world.
If this is so then PCG is doing a terrible job of warning the world as has far less media presence and far fewer members then HWA's WCG did. And it is now sixteen years since this letter was written.

June 1999
I would like to extend my word of thank you and appreciation for production and distribution of such a quality factual magazine without any obligations or costs to the subscriber.
Alas. This writer has no idea that PCG members are required to pay three tithes and extra offerings to PCG.

July 1999

Here is one writer discussing PCG's condemnation of NATO's intervention in Yugoslavia in 1999 over Kosovo.
I FIND VERY BRAVE AND INSPIRING YOUR courage to express a view that is broadly ignored in the West, by “19 democracies” and NATO. I read your May issue, and every single article seems to be hitting the target. I would like to ask you to accept me as a regular reader in the future, as I think that finally I found the paper with credibility and real purpose. Please send me any past issues that may be about my country of origin, (Serbia) Yugoslavia. 
Sadly this writer will have no idea that PCG simply exploits the pain and suffering of the peoples of the former Yugoslavia in order to fear monger about Germany.

We now continue into 2003.

November 2003
As much as I love reading your great literature, I have a big problem with the way so many articles in the Trumpet give President Bush much more praise than he deserves. And your articles only bash former President Bill Clinton. I don’t have a problem mixing some religion with politics. But if you’re going to do it, then why not tell both sides of the story?
While it is true that, politically, PCG's leaders tend to view matters with quite a right wing slant this writer has only just begun to crack the surface of what is wrong within PCG.

January 2004

This letter discusses the situation within Iraq.
The November 2003 cover story, “Why We Cannot Win the War Against Terrorism,” is one of the best analyses I have ever read on the topic. I am deeply concerned—actually downright appalled— by what our “liberal” leaders have done to this country. As a Christian, I do believe that we must fight evil. I know that most Middle East countries see us as a superpower, but they do not fear us as such. They know that half their battle is already taking place within our own political structure. They know that our democratic society, although the best form of government in the history of mankind, when led by politicians with their own self-interest agendas, only weakens us as a country. Admittedly, President Bush may not be the best man in power or have all the right answers, but at least he and Tony Blair took a stand. Unfortunately, there is no spine to the other liberal politicians. They live in a cocoon with rose-colored glasses. They have probably never seen firsthand what fanatic terrorists really think of the U.S. and how they plan on ultimately defeating us unless we take the fight to them.
Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Furthermore both New York and Washington D.C. lean towards supporting the Democratic Party.

February 2004
I was idly flipping through the December 2003 issue of the Trumpet in a doctor’s office when I happened on a section labeled “Science.” Being a scientist, I paused to read it, especially since the title was also the most interesting one there is—the human mind. I didn’t have to read very long to realize that this was not a science article but an opinion article. There is nothing wrong with opinion articles, even scientists write them at the beginning of new discoveries, but the looks of your magazine had led me to believe that you were legitimate, so I was shocked at the deception. … You may not want your readers to think; rather you may want them only to accept your opinions. But have you ever thought about the actual source of your beliefs? 
This writer has only begun to crack the surface of what is wrong within PCG.

March 2004

Here is one letter rightly criticizing PCG for not showing compassion towards gay people.
I have just read “The Pride of Sodom” (February). It is somewhat strange that nowhere in the article could be found a single word of compassion, despite the plight of real-life gay people as opposed to those as-seen-on-tv characters. A true Christian would start from questioning one’s own responsibility and sinfulness, rather than pick on others. It is nice that the author did not fail to quote Leviticus, but whatever happened to “Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone …” (John 8:7)? Or does perhaps the author of the article think of himself as sinless? 
 PCG responded in this way.
We understand that homosexuals have had a certain “plight,” as you say. The same is true of all who sin and must suffer the “plight” of the consequences. Concerning Christ’s words in John 8:7, we certainly don’t claim to be sinless. We believe, as the Bible states, “all have sinned” (Rom. 3:23). As this article was pointing out, ALL sin—if not repented of—leads to eternal death (Rom. 6:23). Christ, the only sinless person, preached a message of repentance— of changing our ways. That is a message of true compassion: Helping people come out of the sin that enslaves us.
This is PCG's response: Imply that the gay community do not suffer for it.

Here is one letter from a senior couple who have decided to start donating to PCG.
It is difficult to find the proper scale for measuring the value of your books and the Trumpet. We ran across them inadvertently as we picked up mail for our next door neighbor at a community mailbox center, then borrowed back copies of the Trumpet, discovered its treasures and placed an order for our own subscription, publications and the book The United States and Britain in Prophecy. We have decided to become donors on a regular basis. We sent our first check and having very limited resources as seniors, will contribute monthly as the Lord provides.
Here we see more subscribers sucked into PCG's vortex of servitude.

June 2004
I thank you very much and wish to express my utmost pleasure in reading an article by Carl Hilliker and Mark Jenkins titled “What’s So Sacred About Easter” (March/April). Their honesty and research is correct and astounding in these days of cover-ups, lies and deceiving, dishonest publishers, editors and writers.
Alas, this writer is unaware that PCG is simply imitating Alexander Hyslop's discredited book, The Two Babylons, in asserting that Easter is derived from the worship of Nimrod and Semiramis.
Thank you for your continued administration of God’s government and truth as taught by Herbert Armstrong.
In fact PCG has changed many teachings and doctrines from what HWA's WCG taught.

July 2004
I appreciate your candor in stating the weaknesses of democracy. It takes courage to address the truth when there seems to be so much frenzied flag waving.
This writer is unaware that PCG is not a democratic organization so it is in the interest of PCG's leaders to belittle democracy in order to tell PCG members that they must submit to the dictates of PCG ministers.

Here is a letter from a prisoner who is exposed to PCG's writings.
I am one of the very first of Georgia prison inmates to move into and begin the pilot faith-based dorm. I tell you, we are hungry for the truth, and you are putting it out there for us. I’m thankful that you tell it the way it was meant to be told, straight up, no sugar coating. We need that. 
It is so tragic that this prisoner is being exposed to a group that displays very nasty authoritarian tendencies.

Here is another letter from someone who wished to reconnect with HWA.
You don’t know how shocked and pleased I was to learn The Key of David was carrying on Herbert Armstrong’s work. He was my hero! I can still see him behind his big desk pounding it with his fists trying to get his messages across to us. I was so sad when he passed away in 1986, and I was shocked the people he appointed to take over the Worldwide Church of God for him didn’t carry on his work. About six weeks ago, I ran across the Key of David program, and as I listened, something took a hold of me, and when I heard Herbert Armstrong’s name mentioned, I knew I was onto some connection. Just last week I received the special issue with Mr. Armstrong’s portrait on the front (Sample Issue). I wanted to cry. As you all said in the issue: He was right. Thanks for picking up the pieces and carrying on his work.
HWA could not see the future. He made many false predictions. 

November 2004
“The return of Imperialism” (July 2004) is the best article I’ve read from any magazine. King Europe has retained the global throne, and I thank the Trumpet for sharing such knowledge.
This was before Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Cyprus were forced to receive painful bailouts because they used the Euro.

December 2004
I was just reintroduced to the Trumpet. I read the Plain Truth under Mr. Armstrong years ago. Now I am aware of this great truth now continuing with the tool of the Trumpet. … I read through a stack of back issues [including those on] the court case battle and the rightful outcome. God’s truth will not be withheld! … I am very sure the Philadelphia Church of God is the voice of God and a true servant under His care. … You are producing a vital link that has tried to be hidden under a mass of false teaching and direction. Please continue to meet the forces of darkness head on. … 
"God’s truth will not be withheld!" this writer says. This ignores the fact that HWA's writings were accessible from the Internet during the entire time court case between WCG and PCG was held.

January 2005

Now I am not implying that PCG has revived HWA's infamous rules on Divorce and Remarriage but still this letter from Papua New Guinea seems dreadfully close to adopting that idea.
I look forward to the series on the Ten Commandments. All articles have truly revolutionized my lifestyle! Especially “You Shall Not Commit Adultery” (November). I never thought of divorce and remarrying again as adultery!
There is a reason we don't do that. HWA tried that until 1974. It was one of the most draconian rule HWA imposed on WCG members. It was a nightmare for people and children in which marriages were destroyed by order of WCG's leaders.

February 2005

Here is one letter that fear mongers that Europeans are "facing extinction" and that "we can kiss Western Civilization goodbye" unless we stand up against "barbarians" by which is meant Muslims.
We received a thoughtful and well-composed critique of our December cover story, “The Coming War between Catholicism and Islam.” “Personally, I believe that this war with Islam is here and now,” it said. “You expect another war between Catholics and Muslims. This has me confused. In Muslim lands, Islam is the state under the sharia [Muslim koranic law]. It is easy for them to form armies. But from where will come the forces of the pope? The pope has no army. Surely he can’t depend on Europe, where you say that more than 50,000 Europeans convert to Islam each year. It is Europe being conquered by Muslims without firing a shot. … Europeans are into an orgy of sex, excessive birth control, abortion, euthanasia, and homosexuality. They are facing extinction. If the forces of the pope don’t come from Europe, whence then? … You use the word crusade as if it were a great evil. You worry that the Catholic Church will embark on more crusades. But, only a coward will not defend his culture, his freedoms, his family, his religion from barbarians. It is Islam that is the aggressor. It is Islam behind more than 90 percent of violence around the world. … If we are to save Western civilization and a place in the world for Jesus, the pope and many more nations will have to stand behind President Bush in his war. Else, we can kiss Western civilization goodbye.” The e-mail concluded, “This is my first exposure to your magazine. I am disappointed in your anti-Catholic propaganda. Catholics are not our enemies. It is Islam that is the enemy of Western civilization and the world.” 
Wait a minute. PCG's leaders thought this screed was "thoughtful and well-composed"? That PCG should view this paranoid letter in such a way shows the strange attitude PCG's leaders have on this issue.
Your magazine has been very beneficial to me …. You are so different from these televangelist preachers. In fact, you are the closest to the truth of any church I’ve ever seen …. You don’t ask for money, and your reasoning is based soundly on the Bible and common sense.
If only you knew about those three tithes. If only you knew.
I have just received the February 2005 magazine and read it with both interest and sadness. The kings of the north-south-east-west are lining up exactly as the Bible has predicted for several thousand years. Unfortunately for the U.S. and Great Britain, the future looks bleak. I served 24 years in the army, so the reality of the coming destruction of this nation is difficult to accept. The stupidity and ignorance in the U.S. is staggering. The liberals have ruined the religious, political, educational, legal and moral values that built this nation. … The U.S. will become the new Yugoslavia—broken apart by racial, religious, financial and personal beliefs. The Bible truths cannot come to pass until the political, military and economic power of this nation is destroyed, which, unfortunately, means a lot of what we hold dear to us will perish.
How tragic it is to see such talented people being deceived into thinking the US and Britain will soon be destroyed because of PCG's inaccurate dogma of British-Israelism.

May 2005
I want to begin this letter by thanking you and all of your ministry for the opportunity to take your new Bible correspondence course. I have been blessed by it and believe it to be an inspired work of God. There are so many answers to questions I’ve had about commonly accepted doctrines. It’s as though, after all my searching, the veil was finally pulled aside so that I could see the truth. I must admit when I first contacted the Philadelphia Church of God and began receiving your free literature I thought it interesting yet disagreed vehemently with large portions of it. However, all along I’ve studied God’s Word, your works and that of other ministries all the while praying that God grant me wisdom and guidance in discovering the truth. That path led me straight back to your ministry and now I fully embrace your teachings as much as I’ve learned. … I eagerly look forward to the day when I am able to become a productive and tithing member of the Church as I realize that is my duty to God.
Could it be that PCG's leaders liked that reference to tithing.

June 2005

(In this issue Benedict XVI's election as Pope is discussed.)
I’m getting the true picture of world events in the context of Bible prophecy. I’m a member of the Worldwide Church of God attending services here in [redacted]. I never understood exactly what is happening to our church regarding the introduced changes until I laid my hand on the Trumpet and other literature supplied by the Philadelphia Church of God. I can now see exactly where those changes were leading us. Now the Trumpet is my regular magazine, complementing the Bible.
It does not compliment the Bible for PCG members. It is the Bible for them. Any possible interpretation that may contract PCG's interpretations is discredited and opposed. Those within PCG are indoctrinated to view matters the way PCG's leaders say.

Here is another prisoner who has encountered PCG's recruitment magazine, though this time it is from a fellow prisoner.
I am presently incarcerated … and will be here for quite a while. My next-door neighbor sent me a copy of the Trumpet, and I couldn’t put it down. I find it very interesting, such as I find prophecy and world events on the same level. I was an avid reader and subscriber of the Plain Truth, but I went astray and didn’t know it was no longer in circulation; still I find both magazines very much alike. …
As if this prisoner did not have enough problems to deal with already.

August 2006

Here is one letter from a woman who worries that having a job is negatively impacting her role as a mother.
I have been a stay-at-home mom, and I allowed society to change my way of thinking. That I wasn’t fulfilled because I don’t have a career. I made the decision to go to work; it has only been two months that I have been employed. I am wary how it is affecting me as a wife and mother and how it is affecting my husband and our four children. I have always known that my purpose is to be a mother and wife. … It has burdened my heart to be away from home and neglecting my family for a paycheck. My trust in God has led me to be very blessed by this article ... and what an awesome truth of God’s Word that is so neglected by women today. Women need to realize what God’s will is for their life. I have been given peace about my decision through this article. … 
Little does she know that in PCG their ministers are quite likely to arbitrarily order her to do what they say if she ever went that far in her involvement with PCG.

Here is one letter from a writer who finds encouragement at PCG's staunch pro-Milošević stand in regards to the Yugoslav Wars.
I am writing to commend you on repeatedly exposing what has been occurring in the former Yugoslavia. Your repeated exposures of what has befallen the Serbian people both in the past and during the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo has been heartening. Until I started reading the Trumpet, I was convinced that evil had become the norm and that there were few, if any, who knew the true villains and would be brave enough to speak the truth. In a previous issue (August 2005), you revealed the fact that it was Germany that instigated World War I and not the Serbs. I was pleased that in your last issue ... you pointed out Europe’s intolerance to “alien cultures living in its midst: The Serbs prior to World War I and the Jews before and during World War II are two notable and uncomfortably recent examples.” Please continue to inform the world of the truth and continue to bring the message of hope to a rapidly degenerating world.
Personally I am inclined to blame the Austrian government for starting World War I, but I would have say the origin of World War I is very complicated, but will say it is wrong to blame the Balkans for World War I. In 1914 the Balkans was not the powder keg of Europe, all of Europe was a powder keg. I think Niall Fergusson said that.

September 2006

Many of those who read PCG's magazine were fans of HWA. Here is one such example. This writer seems to have devoted read Armstrongite writings for a very long time but has never joined either WCG or PCG. No doubt many readers are like this.
For many years I received the Plain Truth and listened to Mr. Herbert Armstrong on the television. I read the Plain Truth from cover to cover when I was with the Alaska Native Service. After Mr. Armstrong’s death, the Plain Truth disappointed a lot of people, including me. I retired in Florida in 1990 and discovered the Trumpet on a restaurant magazine rack. It so impressed me I subscribed to it. And for about 10 years [since about 1996], I’ve been an ardent reader and believer in Bible study and prophecy. The Trumpet is fantastic. Mr. Flurry has done, and continues to do, a wonderful world service.
October 2006

This letter well describes what people think if they sympathize with what The Philadelphia Trumpet says without knowing the truth about PCG's authoritarian and destructive nature.
Just recently, I came across one of your magazines for the first time. I was truly amazed at the depth into events that your articles cover. We live in scary times these days when our world is so full of hatred and deceit. … [Y]our magazine is unbiased and straight to the point. In times like these, our people here in the U.S. deserve to know the truth about what is happening in our world. I would like to say thank you for being a source of honesty when it comes to getting the truth out. …
If only you knew. If only you knew.

I must admit that I am scared whenever I open the pages of your magazine, the Trumpet, ever since you correctly predicted the name of the current pope way ahead before he was chosen by the College of Cardinals. Your batting average is excellent when it comes to providing your readers with advance news. Your latest issue carried more horrible news in the days ahead. I just want to know, how close are we now to the prophesied end of this age? The signs outlined by Jesus Christ and other prophets as precursors of those fearful events to affect all of us are now slowly being unveiled before our very eyes. Is there a way to escape these prophesied events?
There is so much I wish to discuss here that we shall go though it again.
I must admit that I am scared whenever I open the pages of your magazine, the Trumpet,
That is the idea. PCG's leaders want you to be scared in order that you be more susceptible to suggestions, like paying three tithes to PCG in order to get to Petra, Jordan, when (they say) World War III comes.
ever since you correctly predicted the name of the current pope way ahead before he was chosen by the College of Cardinals. Your batting average is excellent when it comes to providing your readers with advance news.
Did they foresee him resigning? The first Pope to do so in about six hundred years. He was weighed down and crippled by the various sins and crimes committed by leaders among the Roman Catholic priesthood, especially the widespread and most shameful practice among Catholic hierarchs of protecting pedophile priests.

Ratzinger was a very prominent and important official long before he was elected Pope. He was very much a frontrunner to be the next Pope.
Your latest issue carried more horrible news in the days ahead. I just want to know, how close are we now to the prophesied end of this age? The signs outlined by Jesus Christ and other prophets as precursors of those fearful events to affect all of us are now slowly being unveiled before our very eyes. Is there a way to escape these prophesied events?
PCG responds to this man they have made fearful for no good reason.
Jesus Christ said that no man knows the day or the hour of the end of this present age of man (Matthew 24:36), but that we can know the season, when it is “near, even at the doors” (verse 33). Though we do not set specific dates, 
They just say Christ will "probably" return by 2019, as they later did on the cover of the July 2009 Philadelphia Trumpet.
the signs of the imminence of Jesus Christ’s Second Coming are extraordinarily strong; the Trumpet will continue to report on them intensively. To learn about protection, check the June 2004 Trumpet on theTrumpet.com for Herbert W. Armstrong’s article, “There Is a Way of Escape!”
This person would be much better off by leaving any association with PCG. Nine years later PCG is still waiting.


Here is one person from Papua New Guinea who has left his church because of what PCG said in The Philadelphia Trumpet. He is impressed with the fact that they offer their writings for free.
I have been a subscriber for almost two years, and I can truly say I treasure your knowledge of the Word of God. Your publication of books, booklets and magazines free of charge is a great distinction between the Philadelphians (Church of God) and the so-called Christian denominations today. I see that this is the true work of God’s Church. Receiving your materials deeply changed my life and strengthened my faith in God. … Studying through several books written by Herbert W. Armstrong really caused me to withdraw from the previous church I used to attend on Sundays. I started keeping God’s laws and having private fellowship at home. Within those periods, I felt scattered and isolated. But thank God that you always impelled and strengthened me through the Trumpet magazines, books and booklets. … 
He seems unaware they expect him to pay three tithes. He has been mentally trapped because PCG do not reveal these facts until they send a minister or representative to talk about the doctrines they deceptively hide by not mentioning them in The Philadelphia Trumpet or The Key of David telecast.

January 2007
You are an expert at finding the real cause of Britain’s biggest issues [“The Sickness in Britain’s Heart,” November- December 2006]. You know exactly the target we need to press so much these days. You say with certainty every word you write. Not too many articles are written this way. Also, you work hard to find passages in the Bible to support your view. And not only is it wonderfully written, but it convinces me. I feel like I should do something. The appeal for action is strongly there.
The writer is unaware that PCG recommends you give lots of money for them. In fact they order members to abstain from politics. The writer continues.
I thank you for making reading interesting for a generation whose minds and intellect are quickly degenerating. You don’t know how much you’re helping ordinary people like me understand politics. And I’m also glad to see that other news writers share the same stand as you. … You share so much of your knowledge. Not too many people share the truth. This is, believe me, a very unique magazine. …
The writer seems unaware there are literally hundreds of related COG groups all teaching very similar teachings. I well remember when I first watched a telecast from UCG. Even though I was aware of their existence for years I was dumbfounded that they taught essentially the same thing taught by LCG and PCG.

February 2007

Here is one letter from a writer moved by Stephen Flurry's account of how the Tkachs changed WCG's doctrines.
I have just finished Chapter Eight of Raising the Ruins. I have cried so much; I am speechless and dumbfounded. It is a hard lesson for me to learn, how Satan works.
The writer seems unaware that have many Armstrongites have written about and most strongly condemned the Tkach changes. Furthermore many ex-WCG members who have renounced HWA's teachings have also most strongly condemned the Tkach changes as well. In that sense there is nothing unique about Stephen Flurry's account. What is unique about it is that it narrowly attempts to recruit people to join PCG rather than any of the other COG groups.

March 2007

Here is another letter which praises Raising the Ruins.
I just finished Raising the Ruins and have never been more uplifted by a book …. If ever there was an example of good winning over evil, this is it! … I look forward to becoming more involved with the PCG, and thank you all so much for your efforts.
The writer appears unaware of the many problems with this book. It even incorrectly claims that HWA never had an employment contract with WCG. In fact he had at least two, one in 1976 and another in 1980.

Here is PCG responding to one letter writer contradicting something they said.
The point we made is that, if one looks at the historical record, German overtures to Russia do not bode well for peace. In the case of the Three Emperor’s League in 1872 and the nonaggression pact in 1939, Germany allied with Russia before going to war. Based on biblical prophecies about Germany’s future, the Trumpet has been anticipating such an alliance for some time. Our free booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire explains our position from both a historical and a prophetic perspective. 
What war happened after 1872? Are they referring to World War I? That was forty-two years later. Are they paying attention to what they are saying?

April 2007

Here is a most intriguing letter from one writer who encountered HWA on the radio back in the 1930s as a child.
When I received the “Special” issue with Herbert W. Armstrong gracing the cover, it brought back memories of my receiving the Plain Truth many years ago. Mr. Armstrong provided clear understanding of both biblical and political issues, bringing the plain truth to all he undertook to explain. As a young child on our farm in the mid-1930s, I remember my grandmother listening intently to his broadcasts—she never left her radio while his program aired. …. Bless you and the Philadelphia Church of God for bringing back Mr. Armstrong to those like myself who have missed him and the message he brought to all. …
Is the writer aware of the many false prophecies HWA made? Does she realize these failed predictions prove HWA was never sent by God?


PCG has long delighted in exploiting the tragic and most frightful history of 20th Century Germany in order to implant an irrational fear of Germans. Here we can see PCG doing their accursed magic one on one of their readers.
While Americans are tuning in on shows like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, your magazine articles are causing me to turn my eye to Germany. The article on the developments in Eastern Europe (“The Startling Reason Europe Is Expanding East,” March) definitely looks like prophetic scripture unfolding. … I have worked with several former Kosovo refugee families here in the U.S. ever since the war in the Balkans and one of the women made an interesting comment this week. She sends money home to family in Kosovo and I asked what currency she uses—the deutsch mark. These people are very street-wise … and just like the comment in the euro article about the black-market trafficking in the most stable currency, they know what currency is strongest right now in their homeland. …
Considering that Germany abandoned the Deutschmark for the Euro in 2002 I would assume she is talking about something that happened before 2002, about five years earlier.

You know who else uses the "German" Euro? Montenegro.

Montenegro was firmly allied with Serbia during the tragic days of the Yugoslav Wars.


Here is a most intriguing response from PCG. Responding to a letter from a German man who suffered under the Nazis and lived through the Berlin Airlift in West Berlin PCG offers this response. Reading it I cannot help but wonder if PCG's leaders are unconsciously describing themselves in relation to lowly PCG lay members.
History attests to the fact that all it takes is the majority to do nothing for a dictator to take control of a country when democracy is weak. German history, specifically, demonstrates the tendency of the German people to embrace strong leadership—whether constructive or destructive—when they lose trust in their political system. When considered in the context of Bible prophecies involving Germany in the end time, the emerging dissatisfaction of Germans with their current political system is a trend we believe is worth watching closely.
July 2007

Here is one letter which praises for PCG for mentioning HWA very often. The writer complains that another church, apparently another COG group, barely mentions HWA.
I wish to thank you for the subscription I have to the Philadelphia Trumpet—I enjoy reading it. One thing that I really like is how there are a lot of references back to Mr. Herbert Armstrong. This is very commendable. He was a man loyal to God. I have read other publications, from [another church], and, sadly, they hardly talk about him. Thanks again for all the wisdom in the magazines. While I don’t agree with some things, there are a lot of things I can agree with because they follow the Bible. Thanks again, and keep up God’s work. …
I find it telling that PCG hid the identity of this other COG group. PCG tries very hard not to mention other COG groups. There are a few exceptions but generally in their recruitment writings they pretend that the other COGs do not exist. One will learn practically nothing about other COG groups reading or watching what PCG produces for non-COG people.

 October 2007

Here is one letter from a writer who praises The Philadelphia Trumpet for their negative portrayal of Nelson Mandela.
As an expat South African in Canada, I want to thank you for stating the truth about diehard terrorist and Communist Nelson Mandela in your July 2007 article “How Political Correctness Protects the Bad Guys.” It is the first time I’ve ever seen this truth stated in a Western publication. I enjoy reading your magazine very much and appreciate the frankness with which you tackle many “sensitive” issues troubling our world.
Nelson Mandela belonged to the African National Congress, not the South African Communist Party. It is true those two parties work together but that does not mean Mandela is a Communist since he was not in that party. Furthermore his party was elected by the majority of the people. Are we supposed to just ignore the democratic mandate that the majority of voters gave to the African National Congress?

November 2007

Here is a letter written by a Seventh Day Adventist.
As a Seventh Day Adventist Christian, I wanted to send my heartfelt, deep appreciation for the message contained in “Surviving Our Loveless World” (October). While our prophetic theologies may not align, this message of love and law in a world spinning out of control is needed and appreciated. Well written; well done. …
If this person knew what PCG really did this person would never have written a letter like this to them.

February 2008

Here is one fascinating letter from one who listened to HWA back in the 1950s.
I’ve been searching for a story that would put the [subprime mortgage] crisis in perspective and I could find none. But your story ... did it. It’s the best I have seen that simply and convincingly explains what happened. I knew something was afoot—since the Bellwether gold was climbing and topped $800. And you might know that greed was behind it all. Also, the average American does not realize that it is the moral principles taught in the Bible that actually keep our economy running smoothly and honestly. Take away biblical virtues of honesty, trust and hard work and there will be no U.S. economy. We will be just a Third World nation—probably worse. That is why the moral collapse in America is so dangerous. …

I know that you are carrying on the legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong. I remember listening to him in the late 1950s on my car radio as I drove the lonely roads of the nation as a salesman. I did not agree with everything that he said, but I knew that morally speaking he was right on—and, of course, his interpretation of biblical prophecies as they pertain to Europe have proven true. Of course, you know the Bible says you can prove someone is a prophet by just simply seeing if their predictions come true. 
But HWA's words simply did not occur. HWA was a false prophet.

Here is one letter from a reader who for once seemed to use their words to good use.
I have been reading the Trumpet for over seven years [since about 2002], and I have found your articles to be timely, well-researched, accurate—and some, astoundingly prophetic. … Several years ago, I wrote a final paper for a college world history class. My instructor was retired from the CIA and was quite knowledgeable on the subject I had chosen. When I told him my topic was about the growth of the EU and the impact this would have on the U.S. economy, he told me: “Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” After having already read your magazine [for] several years, I felt well versed in the subject and received an A-minus. I was also chosen as the best student in the class (I was then 50 years old) and given a picture of Air Force One from when he had served with President Reagan. This is a testament to your accuracy. Thank you for making this wonderful magazine available to your many readers. 
I am happy this reader found a good use. But I would have to recommend to this person to not listen to them.

Also did PCG foresee the bailout crises in Europe at this time? Instead PCG constantly fear mongers that Europe will become extremely powerful.

March 2008

Here is PCG pretending they listen to all sides by printing a letter from an Australian who tries to explain to the leaders in Edmond that Australians had their own reasons for electing a left wing government.
Contrary to the erroneous outlook in this article, most people here voted out a government who paid the price for hubris via alienating and betraying an accumulation of people and the ideals of Australians over time. Endless lies, bullying and trying to remake Australia into a servile replica of little America eventually put off enough people that when a credible rival appeared, there were people waiting to punish the coalition government on the veranda with cricket bats—hence, they were voted out with relish. [O]n defense, Australia does not need huge forces as we are not intent on world domination …. I look forward to peaceful and fruitful trade and cooperation with Asia (including China) and especially our maligned friends in Europe who have been right all along regarding Iraq, the war on terror, etc. … Moreover, Australia can defend itself, if needed, without the U.S. if necessary.
PCG thought invading Iraq was a good idea. But they would have preferred America to invade Iran instead. Thankfully PCG is just a small group composed of possibly only about 5000 members.

Here is one letter discussing the dire economic situation of the time.
This is truly an excellent article. You have distilled pages of technical writing to the crux of the problem: lack of honesty. There are two kinds of lies. In our society, we only look at one side of lying—lies of commission. But the other side of lying— lies of omission—is how the bankers, realtors, mortgage brokers, appraisers and politicians make potentially huge profits. But, alas, we all have to get along. When one financial sector is harmed by cheating, we are all harmed. This is not something taught in the university, but it the most important lesson of life. When you cheat, you end up cheating not only others, but also yourself. 
If PCG really hate lies of omission so much maybe they be open about their three tithes doctrine.
Reading your front-page headlines recently (theTrumpet.com), it seems like I’m getting ready to watch a wrestling or boxing match. Literally, the story lines are building and culminating into a main event. The countdown has begun for the big match, and the opponents around the world have entered the ring already. It’s scary! And you were mentioning these situations since the mid-’90s when I first started to read the Trumpet(about 12 years now). God is certainly with you in this work … more and more, it is so evident in every project you do. And when you don’t even hear of any of these issues in your local news broadcast or newspaper and then read them on theTrumpet. com when you arrive home from work … were the day’s events and worries really worth it? There’s got to be much more out there than the day-to-day grind of the rat race. God speed the World Tomorrow, but the process in getting there doesn’t look pretty. 
It is now another seven years later. Would this reader expect the situation to be as it is now? Europe is not getting ready to conquer America. They are more worried about the dire situation in Iraq and Syria as well the tragic civil war currently underway in the Ukraine. They are worried about Russia. Clearly PCG's story line of European betrayal is just a fantasy.

Also there is a correction here.
The article “When Britain leaves Europe” (January 2008) referred to Hungary as a Slavic state, which it is not. The Trumpet  regrets the error.
They should also apologize for saying the Turks are descended from Esau. And for preaching British-Israelism.

April 2008

Here is one letter praising PCG's pro-Milošević stance regarding the Yugoslav Wars. This letter insists on blaming Croatians and Muslims for the wars ignoring any role the forces of Milošević bear for inciting the situation. The genocide against Bosnian Muslims that occurred in Srebrenica is not mentioned.
“ Misreporting Kosovo” (March ) is objective and factual. The KLA was listed by the U.S. government until Clinton found it convenient to remove it from the terror list so that he could bomb Serbia to assist German ambitions in the Balkans. Slobodan Milosevic was acquitted of involvement with atrocities in Bosnia-Herzegovina by the International Court. Yes, atrocities were committed in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo—but mostly by the Croatians, Bosnian Muslims and Kosovar Muslims. Bosnian Muslims bombed their own people three times in marketplaces after pre-placing Western journalists nearby in order to blame it on [the] Serbs. The story about the massacre of 100,000 Kosovar Muslims is now known to be German intelligence disinformation. It’s sickening to think that America advanced German interests for the return of the fascists to Croatia and Islamic jihadists to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo. All this will be lost on Muslims that are wrapped up in their Islamic strategy of taqiyya (concealment of malevolent intentions to advance Islam).
The letter also slurs Muslims by accusing them of using taqiyya to trick people. Such accusations are often used by those judged to be Islamophobic.
I am a Canadian—a proud member of the British Commonwealth, which seems to be coming to a close. I claim a strong sense of loyalty to the British Crown, but none to a European Union. I think your article ... could not be truer. God has used Great Britain to rule the world, to instill peace where it was not, to protect the innocent and rule justly over a great company of nations. I pray for our times that even though the nation has forgotten Him, that Almighty God will not totally forget us, but we will be brought to Him again. I encourage you to continue speaking the truth as it should be spoken.
Seven years later Canada still has Queen Elizabeth II as its Head of State.

Here is one Australian reader worried that a left wing government had just been elected to power.
As an Australian, I’m very worried where my country is headed when we have a prime minister who wants to sever ties with mother England ... With this in mind, this country will be set back 65 years and may never recover .... The world will look at Australia differently with a prime minister untested by real pressure with the world. And surely leaving mother England means leaving America as well. ... I may not have liked Mr. Howard, but I respected him very much in the way he and the treasurer brought this great country out of the mess the last nightmare leadership gave us. I can’t stress how much we need the nations that helped us in the past! ... This country will change, and it won’t be for the better. Time will show Prime Minister Rudd’s true colors.
Today Australia is led by a right wing government again. Australia's head of state is still Queen Elizabeth II.

May 2008

Here's one letter which speculated that the euro would replace the US dollar as the preferred global currency. They had no idea that the Global Financial Crisis would hit the eurozone in a far worst manner then in the United States.
The problem with the ability to print more dollars to buy more oil, petro-dollar recycling, is that the system eventually fails. ... Notice the dramatic drop in value of the U.S. dollar since the euro was introduced in 2002. The U.S. Treasury has been able to print money that the world accepts because up until recently, it was the world’s sole reserve currency—the unit of wealth people around the world prefer to use for safeguarding their wealth. Today the euro now accounts for 30 percent of world currency reserves. ... The Arabs are not ignorantly accepting U.S. dollars for their precious oil; in fact, OPEC recently held a meeting regarding the dollar. Many of the Persian Gulf countries also have massive sovereign wealth funds and are using their massive U.S. dollar reserves to diversify into other investments. The printing machine is allowing foreign entities to hold considerable amounts of our currency—this allows these powers to influence the value and viability of our dollar. Even China recently threatened to destroy the value of the dollar if the U.S. started raising trade barriers. So the U.S. today is not as mighty as it was in the past.
And how much of the US federal debt does China hold? Only about 7% of it.

June 2008

Why do PCG's writers say what they say? Partly it is because they know there is a audience for it that will respond to what PCG says.
How incredibly refreshing it is to read the truth about Jeremiah Wright and slavery instead of the predictable misinformation and socially engineered demagoguery. I’ll certainly be a more regular reader of the Trumpet in the future.
Here's one letter which fears that the European Union's currency, the euro, will soon replace the US dollar as the world's preferred currency. This person had no idea that it would be the euro that would be more vulnerable to the Global Financial Crisis.Several nations were compelled to be bailed out at onerous conditions. That did not happen to the United States because the US dollar is a sovereign currency.
I am not at all surprised at the fall in the value of the U.S. dollar over the past several years .... The decades of mounting foreign debt, over-consumption of foreign goods over American-made goods, record levels of both personal and government debt, and the subsequent transfer of American wealth overseas, is finally hitting the value of our dollar and our way of life. Right now we are seeing warning signs of the coming economic storm hitting our shores, but still most people are looking the other way or in denial. Our media is also to blame for focusing on tabloid nonsense rather than doing its job of informing the American people of what is really going on in the world and how these events affect our lives. I live in what used to be the center of the American auto industry, Michigan, which has lost many jobs and has become a rust belt. Other regions of the U.S. are going to share our fate as more economic activity leaves our shores. Silicon Valley is losing to intense competition from India; Wall Street will soon lose its financial center crown to a city in Europe, most likely Frankfurt, as the euro dominates world finance while the dollar fades into history. ...
Instead the euro got hit harder by the Global Financial Crisis because several countries found themselves unable to take deflationary measures (print more money) because the supply of the euro currency is controlled by the European Central Bank, not those countries.

August 2008
The article “Oil Shortages: Here They Come” (June-July) provides an excellent introduction to America’s looming oil crisis and its engendered economic crisis. Part of our American oil crisis appears to have been created by overzealous environmentalists in our Congress. Unfortunately, this oil and energy crisis we Americans are now facing is not even being made a referendum issue in this presidential election year. ... Sen. Charles Schumer ... said Saudi Arabia “holds the key to reducing gasoline prices here at home in the short term. ... [I]ncreas[ing] [their] oil production by 1 million barrels per day [would cause the price of gasoline to fall] 50 cents a gallon almost immediately.” ... [He] identified the short-term oil crisis solution: increased production. Mr. Morley makes reference to ANWR, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which “holds 5.7 billion barrels of recoverable oil.” ... If we use Senator Schumer’s numbers, ANWR producing oil at 2 million barrels/day, reducing American gasoline prices $1/gallon at the pump, will last approximately eight years. Now in eight years we can do a lot of energy exploration and technology development. And ANWR is only one of many domestic oil/ natural gas/coal sources known today. I appreciated the article.
Little did they know that fracking would soon lower oil prices. But it must be said that there is widespread concern about its environmental impact and social disruption of affected communities.

Here is one letter from New Zealand.
I am and have been for some years now a believer and follower of the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong. I used to receive the Plain Truth but since Gerald Flurry and John Amos started the Philadelphia Church of God I now receive the Trumpet magazine .... I have been following for years now your reporting of the trouble that the world economy is heading to. I fully believe your warnings; in New Zealand petrol is over NZ $2 a liter—that is about NZ $9 a gallon, about US $7—it’s crippling. I have been telling all my extended family and friends for a few years now where the world economy is heading; initially they scoffed at what I was saying—only two years ago petrol was 70c per liter. Now they are starting to sit up and are asking me where is all of this going to take us. Of course, I do tell them what is very soon going to happen to us here in little old New Zealand, because we are a part of the tribe of Ephraim, however I think a lot more has to happen yet before I can start convincing them. I cannot wait for the Trumpet magazine each month; I read your articles online. ...
And now they might start telling this person the truth that PCG does not know the future (scoffing as this person defines it).

Here's one letter from a person who suggests to PCG's writers that maybe the African Americans are not just resentful of slavery but rationally responding to problems inflicted upon them.
I enjoyed reading this article ... it made numerous good points. BUT, as a 34-year-old white female who has grown up in Alabama, slavery is not the major catalyst for the anger and “chip on the shoulder” that many African-Americans feel today. It is the racism and hatred that continued after the abolition of slavery. The end of slavery was only the beginning of another challenging period for black persons, and unfortunately it still continues today. We all need to truly take to heart Matthew 19:19, “love your neighbor as yourself,” regard - less of gender or race.
I fear such attempts to reach out to PCG will go straight over their heads.

October 2008

Here's one strange letter from Germany which insists that Germany's politicians have deliberately forced Germans to be unemployed in order to make Germans unsatisfied with democracy and create a Hitler like dictatorship.
Your article about German economics is so excellent that I need to comment on it .... You are writing precisely what many people here are feeling in their hearts, namely that the high rate of unemployment here is caused with intention. When I saw the statistics (unemployment in Austria only 4 percent, in the Netherlands only 4 percent and in Denmark below 4 percent, but Germany’s 8 percent), I thought, Why are we Germans too dumb to give everyone a job? You correctly conclude that all this is done with intention by our politicians, in order to make the masses unsatisfied with the democratic system. Germany is waiting for the emergence of a leader of genius! The neo-Nazis tell the Germans that our moral and economic malaise is actually imposed upon us by the Anglo-Saxons! At the same time our industry is flooded with cash and receives further tax cuts. I talked to another lawyer here who told me frankly: What we need is another Hitler! And this comment came from a well-educated man who works inside a federal institution that oversees the German capital market. If the American economy implodes and the dollar plunges, most European nations will rally around Germany and seek protection under the Teutonic economic umbrella. Then we Germans will be happy to provide a solution for the problems of all those nations in exchange for their submission under our economic, political and military leadership. And a man will appear who promises to deliver us from our woes—a new Charlemagne! And the Vatican will keep telling us: Return to your roots!
What madness! It was Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Cyprus and other countries that endured the brunt of the eurozone crisis, not Germany. And PCG's editors thought this was worth printing?

Also the last sentence indicates to me that the writer has come under PCG's influence. The COGs have constantly fear mongered that the Pope will call upon Europe to return to her roots.

Here's part of one letter describing the strong emotions PCG's words had on him.
Your words in areas almost brought tears to my eyes as I consider the terrible pain Jesus must feel in viewing the destructiveness mankind has caused.
If only this person knew the problems within PCG.

Here's one letter from a person who has been waiting for decades (since 1971) to see HWA's (false) prophecies come to pass and this person is still convinced that it will soon happen. He also includes a derogatory reference to feminism.
I just want to thank you for your website (theTrumpet.com) and for all your literature. I started listening to Herbert and Garner Ted Armstrong back in 1971, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m happy that the Trumpet is keeping the faith, because the Plain Truth today is mere pabulum. It’s so whitewashed that I canceled my subscription. Keep up the good work. I’ve known the prophecies for several decades, and I’m still in awe that it is all coming to pass. Anyone with eyes can see that America is doomed—what with feminism and our corrupt economy and government. Thank you for keeping us informed about what lies ahead. ...
Seven years later PCG is still waiting.

November 2008
What we see with Russia is a train no one is willing to stop. It’s incredible the amount of attention America and allies cop from media and cop on Iraq and Afghanistan. Then we see dictators like Putin preplan an attack at the start of the Olympics to send out an obvious warning to neighboring countries and Europe. And you’re right—it will unite Europe! The media talks about Bush does this and that but then turns a blind eye to Russia, China and Iran. The media is bringing the Anglo-Saxon people down. Everyone thinks that when America falls the world will be a better place. But the truth is, with people like Putin and the Iranian leader, the world will become more violent, hostile and dangerous. People should see the dangers that lurk outside their back doors. The Anglo-Saxon people are a special group .... And most importantly, we have freedom that has come at a high price. We should fight for this and never give up. If we don’t, the world will be run by ruthless dictators like Putin and Ahmadinejad with mindsets on power, greed and destruction.
This person says, "The Anglo-Saxon people are a special group". And to think Armstrongites still wonder why people call them racist because of the false dogma of British Israelism which they teach.

And today Ahmadinejad is now out of power. (Thank goodness.)

Here's one letter from a German who tries to point out to PCG's writers how absurd it is to insinuate that Germans are plotting to get US nuclear weapons stationed in Germany. I am not sure I am convinced of everything this person says but it nevertheless shows how much more powerful the United States is compared to Germany.
You essentially assume that German politicians are waiting for an opportunity to get control of U.S. nukes in Germany (“The Next Nuclear Superpower,” October). The truth is that we Germans have no control over them. Moreover, Germany is coerced by the U.S. to accept and finance the presence of U.S. troops on our land. There is a U.S. installation in Bavaria that serves the U.S. to spy on all the Internet, telephone and e-mail conversations in Europe. This is an open secret. The German government is doing nothing about this—why? If we Germans had any sovereignty, we would kick your troops out of our land! Germany had to ask other countries such as France, Britain and the U.S. for permission to reunite in 1990. Since World War II , the U.S. had the power to coerce the Bundesbank (our former central bank) to buy U.S. dollars and hold them as currency reserves even though this was not in our national interest. How our highly indebted country—which is totally dependent on the U.S.—should ever be a threat to Americans remains a mystery to me.
Unfortunately PCG's leaders are highly motivated to keep people living in fear that Germany will soon plunge the world into World War III. 

Here's one letter essentially thanking Gerald Flurry for proclaiming that America and Britain have reached the point of no return.
I wanted to thank you for the clear and realistic perspective that you always bring to God’s Word and to world events as they unfold. I was reading the letter from the editor in the September 2008 Trumpet magazine in which you mention how this magazine is about to change from putting forth a call of repentance to one of proclaiming God’s judgment on this world and its idolatrous humanity, societies and cultures as a testimony against them. I had hoped that this would be a bit further into the immediate future (having loved ones who do not yet believe in our true and Eternal God). ... But I do agree, although with sadness and heaviness of heart, ... that this world has come to and passed the point of no return in this lifetime. Although a hopeful expectation and end still awaits them through the mercy and grace of God, it will sadly come at a high cost of life and suffering before many repent .... I thank you for speaking the truth straightforwardly and, at times, bluntly—yet always putting forth that marvelous living hope of God’s plan and, more immediately, the soon return of Jesus Christ our Lord and King to save mankind from total self-destruction ...
Oh, look what listening to PCG's ravings have done to this person's mind. Also the fact that this person writes of "Eternal God" indicates that this person had been involved with Armstrongism for quite sometime. The COGs often refer to God as "the Eternal" asserting that this is the meaning of the tetragrammaton. They imitate HWA in this matter.

January 2009
It really is mind-boggling just how much God had revealed to Mr. Armstrong .... It’s all playing out according to the script—God’s script, not man’s. The USA and the rest of the Israelite nations have shoved God out of the picture; let’s see how far that gets them.
This is complete nonsense. What's really mind boggling is that this person has not yet seen how just about everything HWA said proved to be wrong.

Here's one letter from a person who became convinced that PCG's writers have the true religion. This person also ludicrously calls The Philadelphia Trumpet "the foremost authority on news, real news".
I have been reading your magazine for approximately four years now. I would occasionally pick up a copy at the train station ... just something to pass the time on the ride to work. But then I started to really read, re-read and pay attention to the articles when I saw world events shaping up exactly as you had written, many times before the events happened. What really caught my attention is the fact that Mr. Armstrong had predicted many events that actually came to pass and that he had done so well in advance of the events happening (i.e. Germany, European Union, demise of the U.S. as a formidable force, and the list goes on). Still, I was extremely skeptical of your religious views—after all, I was a bona fide born-again Christian .... Fortunately, my interest in all your political, moral and worldwide views kept me reading—so much so that I found myself extremely disappointed every time I missed an issue at the train stand. In order to remedy the situation, I got myself a free subscription. (I could hardly believe that the foremost authority on news, real news, was free!) Since you were so correct on everything else, I also made sure I read your more religious articles, and I ordered several of your publications in order to research this for myself. I did so in order to solidify my own position on Christianity and debunk yours. At this point, I’m certain I don’t need to tell you who looked the fool when the dust had settled. ...
How tragic this is. PCG's leaders do not know the future.

Here's another letter from a person who thinks that PCG's leaders just let the Bible speak for itself, which is complete nonsense. Many ideas are read into the Bible by PCG in order to gain control over their member's hearts and lives to get the three tithes from them.
For several years I have requested your literature, and I must say that the information I have received from you is the most thorough and easily understood guide to understanding the Bible that I have ever encountered. I have never been one to accept another person’s leadership with regards to Bible interpretation. Your approach of allowing the Bible to interpret itself is not only correct but crucial to our understanding. ..
Here's one letter from a Jehovah's Witness agreeing with PCG's contention that World War III will soon occur.
Whoever wrote this is spot on .... I am a Jehovah’s Witness and ... I must say that I am very impressed. I feel very strongly that the world we are living in now has not got long left for survival ... and God has given us ample warning of His (coming) intervention.
The Jehovah's Witnesses have a long history of making false predictions of Armageddon just like HWA and his imitators.

March 2009

Here's one letter which exploits the Global Financial Crisis to insist that the end is coming soon.
I too have noticed that, listening to commentators on the news these days, it seems as if they’re using the Trumpet as a major source for their newsgathering .... Never before has mainstream news brought up the last days scenario as frequently as they do now while still mocking those of us who know the truth. Regarding the old “prophet on a soapbox” cliché, I recently saw an editorial comic in the newspaper. In it, the prophet of doom was holding his sign reading “The End Is Near” while a man comments to his girlfriend, “That used to be funny.”
Six years later we are still waiting.

Here's one paranoid anti-Catholic letter saying they are plotting to plunge Europe into a second Dark Ages.
We can see how the Catholic Church is trying its wings to bring back the Sunday law. We are heading to a second “Dark Ages.”
I cannot help but wonder if this person has been influenced by Armstrongism.

April 2009

Here's one letter that hysterically says Britain is being taken over by Muslims.
I received my copy of the Philadelphia Trumpet today and read with interest the “Invasion From Within” article .... The author of this piece certainly hit the mark! Every word he wrote is true; the British government has sold the British-born people down the river with their spineless capitulation to the Muslim mafia and politically correct brigade. Most people in the UK are not racist or Islamophobic, but in recent years, anyone just questioning the number of illegal immigrants entering the country or the rise of preferential treatment towards Muslims in education, justice, etc. gets branded as being a “racist.” It’s a clear case of “the tail wagging the dog,” but the British government prefers to ignore the wishes of the people it’s supposed to represent. What the article didn’t mention was that—due to this sad state of affairs—many thousands of British-born people are now leaving the country (the “white flight” as it’s been termed) as they see that nothing is going to change in the foreseeable future. They feel that their lives for themselves and for their children will be improved by leaving the land of their birth. And who can blame them? ...
May 2009

Here's one letter from South Africa.
I am a resident of South Africa and have been all my life. Things may get worse and the government may be corrupt, but still we have hope in a better tomorrow. Not necessarily for me but for my unborn children and in the world that they will grow up in. Most news reports really don’t give any idea of what is going on in South Africa apart from what kind of pipe dream they want to believe. We are ultimately living in a war zone where anytime, anywhere, you can be attacked and killed, but yet we live as if nothing is wrong, just prepared for the worst .... I do believe if it wasn’t for you and the Philadelphia Church of God I would have been totally hopeless without any will to live in an uncaring world and corrupt, unjust country. ... I might be living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but sadly we cannot explore it without hesitation and anguish.
Here's one letter who thinks that PCG's writers are very well informed and wonders why they make such a fuss over Mystery of the Ages.
I find your articles on present world events to be better informed than the secular media. I am intrigued to see what all the fuss is about Mystery of the Ages . ...
What this person does not know it that Mystery of the Ages is largely nonsense.

Here's one letter from a person who thinks PCG is right to say the end is near.
I have been an avid Trumpet reader for about four years now, and after carefully devouring the February issue, I felt compelled to write down a few words. ... A person would have to be living in a cave not to plainly see we have not only reached the edge of the abyss, but have arrogantly vaulted into it. God help us, individually, to heed His warnings, which you have faithfully and courageously delivered all these years. ..
What nonsense. Six years later we still waiting.

Here is a letter written by one who was so taken in by PCG's writings he destroyed his own hard earned religious degrees.
After reading both The God Family Vision and Mystery of the Ages back to back and the Trumpet, I have reconsidered my own life. I thought about the many different Bible institutes I attended in the last few years and how each contradicted each other; so I gathered up all my diplomas and ripped them up and threw them where they belonged—the trash! I worked very hard and committed a lot of time to getting those pieces of paper, but I consider them worthless after reading your literature. I give much thanks to God for answering prayers of mine in which I asked of Him to clean my mind of all the different contradicting teachings and put me on a clear path, and now He has!
I hope this person has since woken up to the true nature of this organization. Little does this person know that PCG's teachings are largely nonsense.

July 2009

Here's one letter from a person who has become distressed that America will collapse after reading one of PCG's articles.
The idea of extreme societal breakdown in this country was once surreal .... By the last sentence of this article, I felt a little staggered at it becoming such a cold, looming reality. The American values that withstood the pressures of the Great Depression no longer exist. That’s unpleasant to acknowledge but it’s a reality.
Here's one letter from a person who has been so impressed with PCG's writings that this person will start contributing money to PCG.
I have been a recipient of your Trumpet magazine for some time, and would like to express to you the incredible impact I experience each month while reading it from cover to cover. The articles are outstanding in their content and vision. Thank you for continuing to send the monthly editions. I would like to make a monetary donation to your organization. ... Thank you for your excellence in reporting world events as they unfold before our very eyes.
This is the main reason for The Philadelphia Trumpet's existence, to get more money for PCG and more tithe paying members for PCG.

Here's one letter from a man who served in intelligence for the Marine Corps who used the Plain Truth to assist in analyzing world affairs. Now that scares me.
I used to use the Plain Truth magazine as a resource when I was in the Marine Corps serving in the intelligence field from 1983 to 1993. The articles and research were outstanding. I used the Plain Truth in formulating analysis of world situations. One item that made me a laughing stock in the intelligence community for a time was the unification of East and West Germany. I was ridiculed at first, but received applause later when Germany started to tear down the wall. The Plain Truth gave it a five-year time frame. It happened a year later after that issue went to print. I stuck by my guns, with the aid of the Plain Truth. Now I am a civilian. My question is: Is the Trumpet originally from the Plain Truth? I am hoping so. I have missed that magazine since leaving the Marine Corps. Of all newsletters and periodicals I have received in the past, the Plain Truth had the best research and foresight.
HWA had a long record of making false predictions that proved to be completely wrong. The thought that people like this man in such a position as this were making decisions and putting forth possibilities based on what the Plain Truth magazine was saying is truly frightening.

August 2009

Here's a letter actually praising PCG's writers for insinuating on the cover of the last issue that Christ would "probably" return within a decade, namely by 2019.
Kudos once again for reminding modern-day Israel and the Gentile world about events leading up to Christ’s return. I also like the blunt subtitle on the cover, because it seems like the world won’t learn in any other way. Anyway, it is no doubt that we ... have already reached within a few minutes just before “midnight” on the doomsday clock.
This issue also contains a letter from Rodney Atkinson, a euroskeptic activist from Britain who has had contact with PCG's leaders since 1999.
The former Tory Party headquarters in London has been chosen as the site of the EU foreign ministry’s diplomatic center by EU Commission President Manuel Barroso, and young diplomats are already being trained in skills such as “how to deal with the media,” Spiegel’ s website reported last week (“Financial Regulation in Prophecy!”, July). If there is one group of people in Britain who will be the first to be led to the tumbrels by the democratic revolution which will follow the collapse of the EU’s evil empire, it is the Tory Party of Britain. From the plot - ting of [Harold] MacMillan with President [John F.] Kennedy and the machinations of [Edward] Heath in the 1960s to the disgraceful signing of the Treaty of Rome to the stabbing of Margaret Thatcher by Howe, Heseltine and Clarke, to the scandal of Maastricht and the betrayal by [David] Cameron, no political group has done so much to destroy the rights and lives of so many as has the British Conservative Party. It is fitting that just as the European Central Bank is housed in the former headquarters of the Nazi conglomerate and producer of the gas used to exterminate the Jews, IG Farben, so the former headquarters of that empty shell of a Conservative Party is to be taken over by the new masters in Brussels as a center of the new empire.
This issue also contains a letter praising an article from 2004 which discussed the housing bubble
In going through some back issues of the Trumpet, I came across an article in the November 2004 issue, “The Biggest Bubble Ever,” and a related article, “Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.” And as I re-read these articles, I had to look again at the date of the magazine to see if I had it right, because it described almost to the precise detail the collapse of the housing market and the near collapse of Fannie and Freddie four years ahead of time. In November 2004 things couldn’t have been rosier and talk of a bubble just brought laughs from those who thought this false prosperity would last forever. Well, it took four years, but the bubble didn’t just burst—it exploded, with all the consequences that have followed in its wake since then. Once again, this incredible magazine has proven its value to anyone with an open mind, and I just happen to believe it’s the most valuable magazine anyone can receive. ...
Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. The plain truth is that PCG's writers say so many ridiculous, absurd and incorrect things about world affairs that inevitably sometimes they will hit the mark and make a correct prediction. But this does not change the fact that they are false prophets who teach many doctrines that are based on nonsense. PCG's insistence that America and Britain will soon be destroyed is based on the incorrect idea that European descended British and American peoples are descended from the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel (Ephraim and Manasseh specifically). This is not true. Therefore predictions based on this falsehood will also fail as well.

Here's an extremely badly informed letter which, using a completely false analogy, insisted that stimulus spending is illegal. This person seems unaware of the fact that governments create money all the time. That is where all our money comes from. The letter is woefully misinformed. The fact that The Philadelphia Trumpet's editors would allow a badly misinformed letter like this be published in their magazine exposes how utterly ignorant they are about economic affairs. It is such a shame that so many people take such ill informed people so seriously.
Unless a person is a reader of the Trumpet, most of the people I’ve listened to or read of, from expert to imbecile, tend to be ignorant of just what the Federal Reserve Bank has done when they openly admitted to “creating” money in order to “stimulate” the economy .... It is basically the same thing as if you were to write a large amount of money into your check register, money that you do not have, but then start writing checks against it anyway. It’s illegal! It will get you two things: free room and board at your local prison, and bankrupt. This is not new though. The Federal Reserve has done this before. What is different this time is that during the Great Depression, America was the world’s primary lender, possessing great wealth. Also, the average American had better ... character than now. Today we are bankrupt—the largest debtor in the universe—and the average person is a character instead of having it. This cannot long last.
A person who writes fraudulent checks is not a legally recognized government such as the US government. In the United States only the US government can create money, which it does all the time. When the government creates more money it is recognized by everyone as being real money and is treated as such. A fraudster is not a government so it is not possible to recognize it as real money.

And the editors of The Philadelphia Trumpet could not understand such a thing and let this badly misinformed letter get printed in their recruited magazine?

Here's another letter which praises PCG as "one of a kind." This person seems unaware that there are hundreds of related COG groups descended from HWA's WCG who teach many of the same ideas and teachings as PCG does. At least two of these groups (UCG and LCG) are actually larger then PCG.
I really enjoy reading your magazine, watching your programs on TV, and [reading] your booklets. I appreciate your news in the light of Bible prophecy; it is awesome. You guys are one of a kind. ... I diligently read God’s Word and see the error in some of the mainstream churches’ teachings. I have been reading much about your teachings and can find nothing false to speak of. ... I am a subscriber to the Trumpet and have read a lot of Mr. Armstrong’s books. He was a great man. Keep on doing what you’re doing.
The whole purpose of PCG's recruitment writings is discredit all other churches in the eyes of their readers in order to recruit them to join PCG and pay three tithes for the rest of their lives.

Here's one letter wondering why PCG's views are not common knowledge.
I have discovered your writings only recently. Your analyses of world events are made so clear, it’s hard to believe it’s not common knowledge. Your book The United States and Britain in Prophecy for me is life-changing. I am amazed at the truths you unfold for all to see who will see.
The reason it's not common knowledge is because it is largely nonsense. British Israelism is nonsense as well.

November 2009

Here's one letter from the United States (strangely enough) accusing Muslims of trying to take over Germany. PCG's writers thought this was worth printing?
Perhaps this [another Charlemagne] is just what Germany and Europe need to halt the Muslim takeover .... It was Charlemagne’s grandpa, Charles Martel, who did it at Tours. We need a strong Germany again to stop the Muslim onslaught of Europe and the West. Islamic expansion needs to be stopped at any price. Go Germany!
Here's a letter praising PCG for publishing an article calling upon people to respect the office of the Presidency.
Very evenhanded article .... It’s amazing that some people who decry the lampooning of former President Bush by the media as a blight upon our country feel fully justified doing the same to our current president. If you disagree with the president’s actions (which I do by the way) then by all means voice your complaint. But when we lower ourselves as a people to crude humor and mocking, we only show our ignorance and lack of character.
Four years later Gerald Flurry published a booklet labeling President Obama as a Man of Sin just like Tkach and the European dictator who is to destroy America. There is nothing even handed about PCG's views regarding politics. They lean far to the right.

January 2010

Here's one letter from an Arizona delegate.
I write regarding your outstanding “From the Editor” article titled “The War Against the U. S. Constitution” in the November- December issue. Sir, you are 100 percent correct in your assessment! I am an Arizona delegate scheduled to attend the Continental Congress November 11-24 at the Pheasant Run Conference Center in St. Charles, Illinois, and I assure you that your words will resound there and then, for I share them with you in my heart. ... Thank you again for your concise observations.
This person later reprinted the article he cited on a website called Freedom's Phoenix.

Here's one letter which suggests that HWA's WCG and PCG are the same.
I used to read your magazine by Herbert Armstrong back in the early ’70s. I read it for years, and then it just disappeared. I really enjoyed reading it. Surfing the net, I have found your site. I look forward to continuing my education that was interrupted years ago. I am glad I found you again. ... It is nice to hear the truth in this deceptive and deceived world today. Thanks for being there again.
PCG is not the same as HWA's WCG. The Philadelphia Trumpet is not the same as The Plain Truth. This person is unfortunately deceived having this incorrect perception. But PCG's leaders no doubt must have been pleased to see this letter. It is little wonder why it was printed.

February 2010

Here is a part of one letter which reminiscences about listening to HWA's radio broadcasts back in the 1950s.
Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong remains strong in my memories of the good old days. I fondly remember my father and I diligently listening daily to this great educator on the radio back in the 1950s. That foundation has held strong, thanks to you “raising the ruins” and continuing this awesome, burdensome work.  
Much of what HWA said back then and afterwards was nonsense.

Here's one letter complaining that WCG's leaders failed to exploit the fall of the Berlin Wall to proselytize in order to get more members.
As a 15-year-old in the WCG, I vividly recall it being announced that the WCG in New Zealand turned down the opportunity to appear on prime time national television to comment on the fall of the Berlin Wall in light of Mr. Armstrong’s prophecy. What the WCG leadership did was turn down a wonderful opportunity to deliver a warning message to the entire nation! 
This seems to be a common memory among Armstrongites who still believe HWA's teachings. But they conveniently ignore the fact that HWA never anticipated the fall of the Soviet Union or of Communism. HWA thought Communism would survive till several years after the return of Christ.

Here's one letter which seems to expresses sympathy to survivalists. Normally Armstrongism's leaders tend to discourage survivalist activities and tell lay members to trust that (HWA's) God will miraculously protect them from the Great Tribulation.
I live in Northeast Florida and see nothing wrong with preparing for uncertainty (“Are y ou Ready for the End of the World?”, January). A severe hurricane can cause tragic loss of life, and despair for those who survive. Those who do not prepare usually suffer the worst while waiting for the government to provide assistance. If there is something that I can purchase to insure my family will survive a crisis scenario, it would be prudent to do so. I refuse to ridicule anyone who believes that people need to prepare for some serious economic troubles ahead. Perhaps the intuition to prepare for difficult times is the one insight the Bible teaches us that is most overlooked. Proverbs 27:12.
Here's one letter from a man who had left the Radio Church of God back in 1967. But despite this he seems filled with nostalgia after encountering an Armstrongite publication.
God bless you for the work that you are doing worldwide and continuing with what was originally began by the Plain Truth magazine by Herbert W. Armstrong, a true biblical prophet of truth, which I first received in 1954. My wife and I, she is now deceased, followed his work for years. We broke away from the Church in 1967, and I am so very blessed I found your website and Trumpet recently.
March 2010

One reader tries to tell PCG's leaders that their claims that Germany will soon conquer America is nonsense.
The Trumpet continually claims that Europe, under German leadership, is on the verge of becoming the world’s next economic, political and military superpower. Count me skeptical, particularly when it comes to the military part of that prediction. Why? Because, among other things, one of the prime prerequisites for military might is the willingness to take casualties. Europe’s demographics are in a free fall—unless you count Muslims. This mean that the life of each soldier is extremely precious; families will not want to risk the lives of any of their few children and grandchildren for any type of imperialism, hard or soft. (True, some German units are in Afghanistan. But it is too bad they fear venturing out of fortified compounds to do any real fighting.) Furthermore, if Europeans are too fearful to even reproduce themselves and sacrifice any of their present comfort for the sake of having children, how can these same neutered men expect to go out and re-conquer the world? Sorry, European Union as a military colossus doesn’t add up. Europe might indeed rise again someday, but that day is in the far, far distant future.
Someone messed up at the office and included a letter published in the last issue is also printed in this issue as well.
God bless you for the work that you are doing worldwide and continuing with what was originally began by the Plain Truth magazine by Herbert W. Armstrong, a true biblical prophet of truth, which I first received in 1954. My wife and I, she is now deceased, followed his work for years. We broke away from the Church in 1967, and I am so very blessed I found your website and Trumpet recently.
April 2010

Following the cataclysmic earthquake in Haiti one reader of The Philadelphia Trumpet wrote to them to complain that the US helping Haiti to rebuild is yet another drain on resources.
The current administration extremely lacks prudence .... It is terribly unfortunate. Their political agenda seems to be centered on “making friends.” It’s just that they have no discernment which “crowd” to be a part of and which “causes” they can afford to manage. This relief effort is a heavy undertaking. Their efforts will be spent in vain, and, as was stated, this country will only earn another binding millstone around its terribly weakened neck.

Here are two letters praising an article by Joel Hilliker extolling the virtues of giving.
If only every world leader, military warlord, dictator and adult in this world were to have the giving heart of your sweet, innocent daughter, 75 percent of all human unhappiness and misery would be wiped out .... No wonder our all-knowing Lord Jesus commanded us to have the hearts of children when we approach God. The Lord certainly knows what kids can teach adults!
Here is the second letter.
Mr. Hilliker, you have a way to captivate one’s attention through just a simple story or a tiny fact. A reminder like this is what helps us step out of our own little bubble and be unselfish just for that moment; it hits a nerve that sparks ambition to change. That ambition usually dies quicker than we’d like it to, but if only we could always have that constant reminder. Thank you for an excellent reminder of how to truly live God’s way.
Would they have the same positive attitude about those articles if they were aware of the problems within PCG?

Here is one letter from a person who has become distressed that the State of Israel is entering a more closer relationship with Germany after reading PCG's writings.
I was intrigued by your article titled “The World’s Next Superpower” .... I started to look at Germany and to research the country on the Internet. The first thing I researched was the fact that Hitler was a Catholic. My husband grew up Catholic, and while I was reading the article to him, he said that you were mistaken; there was no way that he was Catholic. It didn’t take long to verify beyond any doubt that indeed he was Catholic. You talked in the article under the subheading “Shifting Policies” about the Germans and Israel. I found a video on YouTube of an interview on January 18 of Dr. Gil Yaron on Israeli Channel One News talking about the new relationship that Germany is forging with Israel. You are right on! Now I am watching and praying more than ever. I am a new subscriber to the Trumpet. I read the entire magazine from cover to cover. It is very well done.
The truth is Germany and Israel has had rather friendly relations for quite a long time now. This is nothing new. But PCG's fear mongering has made this fact hard to discern.

Here's one letter from Papua New Guinea.
I had a glance of the Trumpet magazine and I was really impressed by what I saw in it. Your stories are different from other Christian magazines. They reveal history, predict the future and explain the present situations in a crystal-clear form. I first saw the magazine from one of my friends, who usually borrows from one of his friends. Could you please send me the Philadelphia Trumpet and other literature?
It's different in order to discredit all other churches in order to get more recruits. PCG has made many false predictions over the years. If only this person knew the full story behind PCG.

May 2010

Very unusually this issue contains a letter questioning why Flurry constantly fear mongers about Iran.
Mr. Flurry, how can you assume that Iran would use nuclear weapons? I think the world should be afraid of America. Why? Because America has already dropped two atomic bombs on human mankind before (Japan). ... If Iran gets that bomb, they will become untouchable, i.e., they cannot be bullied by America or Israel any more.
And this letter did not even mention the 2003 fatwa by Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei condemning the possession of nuclear weapons as contrary to Islam.

Here's one letter from Britain from one upset over news that Dover was to be sold to foreigners.
I’ve understood for years that Britain would lose its sea gates, but to learn that it will also lose its land gates is a new revelation for me. How sad it is to see the country of my birth in such rapid and eventual total decline.
The assertion that Britain and America losing their "sea gates" is a religious doctrine based on the false dogma of British Israelism. British Israelism is nonsense and consequently this doctrine of the sea gates is nonsense as well.

There are two letters praising Mystery of the Ages. For whatever reason both letters are from the Philippines.
Thank you for this very insightful article.... Reading and rereading Mystery of the Ages unveils new answers every time, and it truly is a book to treasure next to the Bible. What a powerful statesman he would have been had he read Mr. Armstrong’s writings, particularly Mystery of the Ages . In the not- so-distant future, this knowledge will be given to Mr. Churchill. How truly blessed our generation is to have access to the answers to man’s perpetual existential questions.
Here is the second letter.
I read Mystery of the Ages when I was 11 years old, and reread it again a few times since then. It’s inspiring that the answers to the questions that baffled Winston Churchill are available to us today for free.
Unfortunately for them that book is filled with nonsense.

July 2010

Here is one letter from Australia mentioning that information regarding the sexual abuse committed by Catholic priests have been circulating for many years now.
Growing up, I was always led to believe that the Catholic Church was “the” church and the “be all and end all” of Christianity .... Even as a teenager, there were reports, sickening and vile reports, of pedophilia within the Catholic Church and more specifically, male Catholic schools, even in Australia. It’s not a “new” problem that the Catholic Church is having to face but as perverted and disgusting as it is, it really shouldn’t surprise us that the men who preach the opposite to what God declares to be true should live that way as well.
Here is one letter fear mongering that health care reform would lead to economic collapse. The one who wrote seems to get published numerous times.
The burden imposed by the health care bill will collapse on the American public’s collective heads very soon. With it a tidal wave of economic collapse will stalk the entire globe. The result? The kings of the north, south and east will be more than willing to step in to impose their visions of global stability. ...
Five years later we are still waiting for the Affordable Care Act to do such a thing.


There is no need for anyone to take anything said by PCG seriously. PCG are but false prophets. Their dire words will never come to pass.

Here are a few links that show that HWA, Gerald Flurry and those who lead PCG simply do not know what will happen in the future.
Gerald Flurry and PCG: The False Prophets. A list of 51 failed predictions and misinformation promoted within PCG's writings. They do not see the future.

PCG's Failed Prophecy: President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. For years PCG predicted the Muslim Brotherhood would gain control of Egypt. But they failed to foresee that the Muslim Brotherhood would be ousted from power with much bloodshed and forced underground in 2013.

Mystery of the Ages: A Critical Review (Exit and Support Network). An analysis of HWA's last book, Mystery of the Ages, showing the many problems with that book.

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