Sunday, December 13, 2015

PCG Members Defend Donald Trump

So Donald Trump proposed banning Muslims from entering the United States. Many came out and condemned this idea. The Southern Poverty Law Center even mentioned that the speech was based on a study by an organization which in 2011 was identified by the Center for American Progress as being part of the Islamophobia Network. Some pointed out that this move would quite likely be illegal as it discriminates on religious lines. Religious discrimination is illegal.

And how did PCG's readers respond?

And PCG readers chose to sympathize with Trump and implicitly defended Trump by insisting that President Obama and the left in general were worse than Trump and the real problem facing the United States.

The sympathy for Trump among PCG's readers may be seen in the following comments.

Here's one comment insinuating that Hilary Clinton somehow covered up what happened in Benghazi despite the numerous investigations that concluded no such thing occurred. This writer also seems quite concerned that another 9/11 will occur.
Yes, and we have someone who hid what went on with the murders of Benghazi now even still acting like a protector of those who would have even more American citizens killed! And she has the audacity to condemn anyone who would rather protect the American citizen! Never mind that we may be having terrorism, criminal gangs, and diseases trafficking in to this country, but we MUST be concerned about any prejudice or paranoia over such things that hurt us while being trafficked in! Are the families of the San Bernardino victims whining about prejudice right now or regretting paranoia?

This self-righteous outrage over what Mr. Donald Trump said about barring Muslims for national security reason will NOT sound so righteous after another 9/11. Then the media will be taking cover, still more concerned about themselves than the lives of the murdered Americans they report on…
One commenter bemoans that the candidates did not consider the "merits" of Trump's discriminatory idea.
What an inspiring message on an otherwise day of dismal reporting, with nearly all of the candidates folding against Mr. Trump and not even considering the merits of his ideas. There are so many warnings in the Bibles about not mixing with foreigners, but of course that would seem like such an old-fashioned concept! Thanks for giving us some hope and making sense out of the current situation.
Here is another comment agreeing with Trump, mocking criticism as merely political correctness and mockingly characterizes criticism of Trump as kowtowing to Muslims. And the comment brings up a reference to Lenin as well.
Donald Trump is correct. There was just more politically correct hysteria from the usual suspects on the left though. With their mindset thought process that goes along the line of -”"What will muslims think of us”" and - “How can we make muslims like us”. This desperate need to try and seek the approval of Islamists is seen as total weakness by muslim leaders and they will just continue to exploit these people. Useful idiots as Lenin once said
Another comment expresses fears about the southern border and mentions an activist identified as a part of the Islamophobia Network
I don’t know if Mr Trump is serious about his position on Muslims, but Mr Thomas Sowell had wrote about this topic ie that America needs to be serious about closing our southern border…  ... and Ms Brigitte Gabriel warns of this
Here's another comment bemoaning the widespread criticism of Trump's proposal and views criticism of Trump's discriminatory proposal as a sign that Americans are under the influence of Satan.
Just typical Israel! The Book of Judges continues in an endless loop. The behaviour is also very indicative of the power of the “god of this world, ” which I think we all take far too much for granted!
Another comment presents criticism of Trump's proposal as hypocritical for not going after President Obama. The commenter says Trump is just telling the truth.
Yes, they’re “gravely” concerned that Mr. Trump is making remarks that they deem “unconstitutional”, yet this administration has been undermining, even saying that the Constitution, should be done away with, for the past seven years and counting! What a bunch of hypocrites they are! Mr. Trump is just simply telling the truth and rightly concern about the direction this country/nation is heading! God help us all if don’t get our heads out of the gutter and heed these warnings from Mr. Trump and others like minded!
More comments of kind may be seen in this comments page as well.

Here's one comment insisting that most people in Britain are perfectly accepting of Trump's proposal. It is insinuated that a petition calling for Trump to be banned from Britain is the work of Muslims.
Britain is Not outraged by the recent comments by Donald Trump. Sections of the leftist British media including the BBC are though. The leftist muslim loving media do Not represent the majority British view that agree with Donald Trump’s comments. When that anti Donald Trump petition is analyzed a map of voters reveals that the majority of signatories came from a few areas which have massive numbers of muslim living there including London, Manchester and Birmingham.
One comment says Trump was merely saying a "truth that many are beginning to see".
Wow … simply because he touched on what one truth that many are beginning to see the liberal can’t handle, this… but on the other hand this is by no means America Real troubles… America’s REAL troubles, is that the nation has collectively forgotten God and the blessings He has bestowed on this nation… so now this nation is reaping what it has borne out… curses for sins … our only hope is the return of Jesus Christ …
One commenter insinuates that Muslims sympathize with terrorists and asserts the urban myth that there are "no go zones" in Britain in which non-Muslims cannot enter.
And Britain is outraged by an American presidential candidate more than its own problems? So can Britain now blame those problems on Trump, too? Well, here is the SOLUTION: blame Trump. The religion of peace is not nearly so outraged about the killers within its own ranks as are its sympathizers over Trump’s words. Another “no go zone” just created in Britain is in going to MENTION such shameful haunts exist within its own cities, especially London. A “no go” subject. don’t go there. Well, YOU go there to those places then , Sir Mayor, to prove there aren’t “no go zones” and will there not HAVE to be officers without uniforms to accompany you as even you are afraid? Shush…
This commenter should be careful. Recently one man associated with the Islamophobia Network asserted Birmingham was a no go zone and was widely ridiculed because it was not true.

Let it be known that while so many condemned Trump's proposal to ban the immigration of Muslims into the United States PCG seems to have chosen to be sympathetic towards him by insisting that President Obama is somehow worse.

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