Thursday, December 17, 2015

PCG Condemns Women Serving in All Forms of US Military Service

PCG has released an article by Kieran Underwood condemning the recent decision to let women serve in all forms of armed service within the US armed forces. Underwood quotes a 2013 article by Joel Hilliker about this topic.

Readers have left comments about this decision.

In this comment the writer mentions being embarrassed, mortified and ashamed over this policy.
This is just flat out shameful and wrong. i am embarassed and mortified in front of the world and my God. Political correctness has gone too far. when I was young I loved my country , now I am just ashamed of it… The pentagon brass and the Comander-in-Chief should be hanging their heads in shame. I know I am
Here is another comment.
During the Vietnam war, America lost over two hundred soldiers per week - a total of 60, 000 dead. How would the nation react to hundreds of body bags of dead women soldiers? Where would be the will to fight. Not even the Nazis used their women in the front line.
One comment says that women would be more affected by combat.
Battle will affect them even more intensely than men. It would be very hard for them to actually carry out their God given role if they are combat veterans.
Here is one comment absurdly speculating that the women chosen to serve will "need" to be "unattractive" to prevent intimate relations among the soldiers. (Strangely sexual harassment is not brought up as a problem.)
As this article states, there are many other issues and challenges caused by lowering standards to be politically correct and kowtow to the feminist agenda, so to lower the potential are they going to staff these units with totally unattractive women, preventing the liaisons, love triangles, hurt feelings and squabbles as people compete for the affections of others? Anyone who has witnessed an inter-office romance can vouch for the fact that troubles at “home” bring troubles to work, but what dire consequences await in this scenario.
Astoundingly neither Hilliker's article, Underwood's article nor any of these comments mention the most terrible and shameful criminal problem of the sexual harassment and rape of US military servicewomen within the US armed forces by "fellow" US soldiers and officers. It is well documented that such criminal things occur. Astoundingly this most terrible issue is left unmentioned in these articles.

I mentioned Hilliker's 2013 article in a previous post.
January 26. "America Thrusts Wives and Moms Into Combat" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker condemns women serving as soldiers in the US military. If Hilliker is truly disturbed by this maybe he should become an pacifist in spirit and uses his words to discourage military endeavors.

Strangely he makes no mention of the well documented and most shameful phenomena of female soldiers being sexually harassed and/or raped by "follow" US soldiers.
It would be so wonderful if female members of the US armed forces were not treated in such a terrible and appalling manner. But facts are facts. It is happening and PCG seems strangely unaware of this most terrible problem. To pretend it is not happening is not good.

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