Wednesday, December 30, 2015

PCG's Brad MacDonald Pandering to Anti-Refugee Xenophobia

Brad MacDonald has released an article that vilifies the refugees heading into Germany ("Germany, Migrants and Angela Merkel’s Big Lie," December 29, 2015).
During recent trips to Vienna, Hannover, Stockach and Zurich, I discussed Europe’s migrant crisis with friends and other travelers. Each had his stories and anecdotes, his concerns and frustrations, and, of course, his particular solutions. But nearly every person I spoke with shared an interesting concern, and one with enormous and alarming consequences.

I was told multiple times that there is a growing belief among Germans that they are being intentionally misled—and even deliberately lied to—by Angela Merkel and her pro-migrant allies in the government and the media. Many Germans believe Merkel and the media talk only about the “advantages” of migration and deliberately misreport, ignore, and even cover up its many negative impacts. There is a growing perception that mainstream politicians and media are more on the side of the migrants than the German people.
(It is quite likely that such a trip was funded by the tithes sent to PCG.)

MacDonald also scare mongers that the mayor of Berlin was secretly planning to change the law to acquire housing for refugees. MacDonald in a sensationalist manner calls it a "diabolical conspiracy".
Why wouldn’t more mainstream media outlets report on this? It’s a blockbuster story—the mayor of Berlin wanted to illegally change German law in order to invade the homes of German people in search of accommodation for migrants. Why wasn’t this diabolical conspiracy—which unfolded in Germany’s capital, right under her nose—addressed by Chancellor Merkel or her government?
After denigrating and vilifying the refugees as thieves, disrespectful towards police officers, prone towards violence, etc, some of which he insists he acquired second hand from people to talked to, MacDonald then denies that Germans opposed to accepting these refugees hate the refugees.
Many of the Germans becoming disenfranchised with mainstream politics and turning to these groups are not hardcore neo-Nazis. They don’t want to persecute the migrants or see them imprisoned, beat up or killed. They are not radical extremists seeking mass genocide. They are regular, sound-thinking, rational people, many of whom have terrific empathy for those suffering in Syria and elsewhere.
Little evidence is presented in this article that the people MacDonald talked with " have terrific empathy for those suffering in Syria and elsewhere." Or perhaps MacDonald was talking to people of a similar ideological bent to himself. PCG has often scare mongered about immigrants coming into America or Australia.
These people are simply concerned about the impact millions of migrants will have on their nation, its institutions, its infrastructure, its economy, its culture, and on the German people. They are concerned about Germany’s future. But Angela Merkel refuses to give too much serious attention to these concerns and refuses to tell the truth about the impact the migrants are having and will have on the German nation. 
MacDonald seems to think letting desperate refugees enter Germany and trying to help them is really scary.

Ultimately the point of this article is too scare monger that the refugee crisis will cause Germany to finally change and become the feared military superpower that Armstrongism has constantly insisted will soon conquer the United States.

The refugees need help, not vilification such as this. No doubt many of them have been traumatized by what has happened in Syria. It is shameful that PCG has chosen to scare monger against these desperate and vulnerable people who need help.

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