Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gerald Flurry on Donald Trump

Gerald Flurry mentions Donald Trump. He is cited by Flurry to justify his condemnation of the recent agreement with Iran and to assert that President Obama is will apparently somehow kill America because of it.
The leading Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has strongly criticized President Obama for the nuclear deal with Iran and other issues. He said: “The president is just totally inept, unless he has an agenda.” Well, let me tell you, he has an agenda—and he is using it to lead this country to its death! (Gerald Flurry, The Roots of America’s Dangerous Turn Left, January 2016, pp. 10, 30.)
(I know. The United States of America is a country, not a person. So you can't actually "kill" it. But Flurry is the author of this article.)

Later Flurry alludes to Trump's campaign slogan and condemns it.
America’s problems are a direct result of America’s sins. No political candidate is going to “make America great again,” no matter what people think! I would like to see it happen, but it isn’t going to happen in this age. Everyone will come to recognize that truth before much longer! God will make America great again in the World Tomorrow. He is going to solve our problems—in spite of our rebellion. He will save America—and the world—at Jesus Christ’s return, which is what will happen immediately after all these crises climax. (p. 30.)
Personally I happen to believe that America is great today. But of course there are many problems that desperately need to be addressed. Which is why I wish to here encourage everyone to vote in elections.

It was a terrible thing for HWA to ban voting. Let us no longer be bound to that doctrine of fear and political apathy.

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