Sunday, December 13, 2015

Gerald Flurry Says "The Jews weren't Hitler's Main Target"

What Gerald Flurry said in a recent article.
God commissioned the Jews to bring humanity to Him, but they and the other nations of Israel have failed. However, the Jews have successfully preserved His oracles. The Jews weren’t Hitler’s main target; God and His plan were! Satan is always trying to cast God’s truth to the ground. He has even done it in God’s Church in this end time.... (Gerald Flurry, Hitler's Dark Ambitions, December 13, 2013.)
We must be careful to discuss the Holocaust responsibly. Saying Hitler was somehow not targeting the Jews is not responsible.


  1. Flurry has got to be kidding! Hitler and the Germans were preached to us as being part of God's plan, God's vehicle for punishing alleged Israelites for having forgotten their national God-given culture millennia ago.

    In the early 1950s HWA was actually preaching that Hitler was still alive somewhere in South America, and would rise again to finish the job. This was before HWA came up with 1972-75. Hitler would have been in his 80s by 1972.

    Further, Hitler's actions were later seen as galvanizing all civilized nations into mandating that the Jews once again had a national homeland. That Israel would be a nation once again was seen as the beginning of the fulfillment of the Olivet discourse in the gospels, the foundation for prophecy.

    The way the ACOGs have behaved towards the Germans because of the bogus prophecies has been downright embarrassing in the past. This reached its most ridiculous peak in the 1970s when Franz Josef Stauss was invited to visit the AC Pasadena campus.


  2. It is sad how the COGs have tried to insert their peculiar doctrines into the genocide against the Jews that is the Holocaust. We need to discuss it in responsible ways.