Wednesday, December 2, 2015

PCG's Gerald Flurry Accuses the Left of Wanting to "Destroy the Police"

Gerald Flurry says the left is plotting to "destroy the police". This is of course nonsense.
What will happen when the police are rendered powerless and the military is unprepared? Once the police are handicapped and can’t do anything, it won’t be long before cities burn (Isaiah 1:7). Even if the demonstrators don’t know anything about communism or the radical left, they are still being stirred up by the radical left, the Communists and those who know how to foment unrest.

This is all part of the left’s plan to destroy the police! You can’t take over a government and run it unless you get rid of the police who are loyal to the system! (Gerald Flurry, The Roots of America’s Dangerous Turn Left, January 2016, p. 30.)
Incidentally these nonsensical and emotive words are related to PCG's false prophecy of "race war".

It is terrible that Gerald Flurry should say such untrue things. His readers are being informed. This accusation is untrue.

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  1. This stuff Flurry is spouting has got to be rooted in the Bolshevik bombings of 1919-1920. Undoubtedly, HWA was influenced by the unrest these caused on the national scene when he was a young man, and it no doubt informed him as he put together the prophecy scenarios which Flurry now idolizes and parrots.

    A good case could be made that the police are actually being cleaned up and made more accountable. They are not just there for white people. Everyone must be treated fairly. If that is destroying the police, then I say bring on the destruction. But, it's not, so no worries. We're simply watching the further evolution of police science.