Tuesday, December 8, 2015

PCG Spreading Rumor Linked to Colorado Springs Shooting

Back on September 4 Joel Hilliker posted the following tweet concerning a controversy surrounding some surreptitiously taped videos made at a Planned Parenthood facility. 

The claims this infographic presented were "enraging" all right. So enraging that on November 27 one terrorist hearing about this controversy (although quite likely NOT from PCG) went to a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs with a Kalashnikov and shot three innocent people to death.
The 2 civilians killed, Ke’Arre Stewart and Jennifer Markovsky, were shot in the parking lot.

Garrett Swasey, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs PD officer who was killed, was shot inside the lobby of the building as he attempted to apprehend the shooter. According to media accounts, Swasey had responded to CSPD officers’ call for backup. (Daily Kos.)
One police officer and two civilians were killed in the shootings. The officer was Garrett Swasey, a father of two and a church pastor. The civilians were Jennifer Markovsky and Ke’Arre Stewart. Markovsky was a mother of two at the clinic to support a friend and Stewart was a father of two and an Iraq veteran. Nine others were wounded. (Daily Kos.)
Later reports mentioned that each of the three victims had two children each. Not only were three people killed. Now six children have to go through life deprived of a parent.

Some may think the shooter was crazy. How true would this be?
The shooter was very well-trained and/or combat experienced.

The shooter responded rationally to the tactical situation.  When police attacked frontally, he responded with lethal accuracy. He kept them at bay by firing outside the windows.  He kept out of sight of snipers.  And most tellingly, when the police outflanked him, he recognized the jig was up and surrendered.  I suggest taking with a grain of salt the claims that he was not “all there.”  He may have been a fanatic, but he was certainly able to make rational risk assessments.  (Daily Kos.)
It was reported that the apprehended suspect said, "No more baby parts."

And too add further tragedy to this ghastly mass murder it turned out that the allegations of illegal happenings in Planned Parenthood were groundless. Even before the massacre several investigations were made in response to the allegations and nothing illegal was found.

Of course only the shooter is responsible for what he did. But even taking that fact into account the link between what he said and what PCG promoted with this infographic and Dennis Leap's article is frightening. Is PCG wondering if the shooter saw their comments? In all likelihood, since PCG is so marginal, the shooter was incited by other sources, not PCG.

Shamefully as far as I know PCG have not said a word about this mass murder that apparently was sparked by the controversy regarding those surreptitiously filmed videos. They fan the flames, then when something goes wrong they say nothing as though it has nothing to do with them.

If PCG's 1% are embarrassed about this link then PCG's 1% should take a hint and learn to stop dallying with emotive ideas linked to violence of this sort.


  1. There is no longer any integrity in ACOG reporting. They grab and warp anything they feel will assist in the spreading of their agenda, and preserve the so-called legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong. It's because all of the false prophecies are forty years overdue, and people who gave up their entire lives for a lie are becoming very, very desperate. Bad to be them.


  2. It is sad to see how hollow the words of the COGs are.