Tuesday, December 1, 2015

PCG Rehabilitating McCarthyism and Nixon

PCG's continuing slide into right wing extremism continues.

PCG's Joel Hilliker thinks McCarthyism was not such a big deal.

And Gerald Flurry has just written an article (to be released in the next issue of their recruitment magazine) that rehabilitates Nixon and says the Watergate scandal was a Communist plot against an anti-Communist hero in retaliation for something that happened over twenty years before the Watergate scandal went public.
There's been a lot of information that has come out about just the way that people look at say the McCarthy era and the Communist threat in the United States. That they went overboard. That they were all on a witch hunt. And really ridiculing the idea that Communists actually posed a threat. And yet you look at what has been happening there is quite a lot of evidence that was absolutely true.

In this article that Gerald Flurry wrote he talks about how basically Richard Nixon single handedly undermined the threat of Communists at the time. And he became a target for them. That was actually what Watergate was about. They were trying to take him [Nixon] out after having exposed Alger Hiss. This Soviet spy who was right there in the middle of the Truman Administration. (Joel Hilliker, Trumpet Hour, November 27, 2015, 37-38 minutes.)
This is a shameless rewriting of history.

McCarthyism was not a protest movement against the Communist Party USA. It professed to be so but actions speak louder than words. It targeted many people who were not Communists at all. Senator McCarthy spread vicious allegations and accusations that many officials within the State Department were secret Communist agents. Many innocent people suffered. Many people who refused to toe the McCarthyite party line were accused of being Communist. The mere accusation could destroy a victim's career. McCarthyism was a frightening thing.

How dare Joel Hilliker try to rehabilitate it.

The Watergate scandal was not a Communist plot. What madness! This is nonsense.

Five men were found trying to break into offices of the Democratic National Committee. Little did anyone know the nightmare of sordid dealings and rottenness lay behind this attempted break in. Journalists discovered that they were connected to a man linked to the White House. The five men had money that was laundered through a Mexican bank account. It was discovered that the money came from Nixon's re-election committee.

The horror revealed grew worse and worse. All kinds of dreadful behavior was uncovered.

It was discovered that Nixon operatives had sabotaged the election campaign of a Democratic candidate who was widely thought to be more likely to defeat Nixon.

It was discovered that the White House had attempted to obstruct the FBI from investigating the five men caught in the break in by falsely saying that investigating them would compromise intelligence operations.

It was discovered that evidence in the investigation was destroyed by government officials including the acting director of the FBI as part of the cover up.

It was discovered that the five men were bribed into pleading guilty on lesser charges to cover up the White House involvement in the break in. But fortunately a Federal judge frustrated this attempted obstruction of justice.

One man involved in this sordid affair said they plotted to firebomb the Brookings Institution to get papers they wanted to steal for themselves. He later said he just joking.

How dare Gerald Flurry and Joel Hilliker try to absolve Nixon about the Watergate scandal. How dare the try to cover up what really happened in that terrible scandal.

How dare PCG condemn leftists as being lawless and then absolving Nixon for the Watergate scandal which, among other things, was the subversion of justice. The Watergate scandal was lawless. And PCG defends Nixon by saying the Watergate scandal was a Communist plot against Nixon. What blatant nonsense.

When people like the PCG leadership try to say that they and they alone are the only ones who "really" understand what is happening there is nothing to stop them from shamelessly rewriting history.

Stand up against ignorance. Let us educate ourselves about this topic so that people like the PCG leadership can no longer misinform people about this topic. I recommend the following resources for better understanding the Watergate scandal.

Watergate Scandal (Wikipedia).

All the President's Men.

The Final Days.

The Great Cover Up.

The Original Watergate Stories.


  1. These idiots praise their own methodology whenever they witness it in others! Their own witch hunt for Laodiceans is not unlike McCarthy seeing communists everywhere. Nixon exercising his authority to suppress his enemies is just like all of the intrigue and corruption behind the marking and disfellowshipping of their own church members who have differences of opinion and expess independent thought.

    I remember being shocked at HWA's comments during Watergate at a Friday evening Bible Study long ago. He stated that if he had been the President, he would have burned the tapes. PCG attitudes are a continuation of this same school of thought.


  2. The PCG leadership reveal a lot of the type of people they are by trying to exonerate McCarthyism and Nixon for Watergate. It is not a pretty picture.