Thursday, December 3, 2015

PCG's Robert Morley Fear Mongering About Anti-Racism Protesters

It is clear that PCG's leaders do not view African Americans as fellow Americans. PCG's leadership do not view them as "like us". If they did they would not be worried by fellow Americans protesting against racism.

Several times PCG have condemned the anti-racism protesters at the University of Missouri.
That tendency is continued by Robert Morley.
You [Joel Hilliker] mentioned how students went crazy over this supposed act of racism. (Robert Morley, Trumpet Hour, November 27, 2015, 42 minutes.)
Morley mentions an incident in which a bag of excrement was at first viewed as an act of racism but turned out to be a misunderstanding.

Morley is so outraged that University officials for afraid of protesters.
Administrators are just walking on eggshells. They don't want to do anything that could potentially cause students to riot or for the Black Lives Matter Movement to become vocal. They don't want to be called racist and get dragged through the media. (43-44 minutes)
Morley then talks about how some racist white terrorists shot at protesters. How is that not terrorism? But Morley does not describe this shocking act of violence in such a way. They are not vilified as criminals or as a public menace. It is described differently from how incidents of viewed as "black on white violence" are described by PCG's writers.
Those five protesters that were shot. They were ... There were five masked men that came to the protest. They were escorted away. They eventually opened fire and they hit some people. And some of those offenders were arrested and it turned out that they were all white. (45 minutes.)
What an understated way to describe an armed, terrorist attack against anti-racism protesters.


  1. There are no Afrophiles in the entire PCG organization!
    What do they do for entertainment? No Tina Turner, no Eddie Murphy, and clearly, no President Obama. They are impoverishing themselves, and probably don't even know it.


  2. It is quite unfortunate that PCG have not learned how to view and treat African Americans as equals. They view matters racially. For PCG's 1% whites are us. Blacks are them.

  3. Yes, their behavior and attitudes almost scream out amcase for reincarnation. If only these people could experience what it means to be African American, or Palestinian, or some of the other groups they disdain for even a brief lifetime, perhaps only then their attitudes would become more Christ-like.


  4. Sorry for the typo. Should be "a case".