Thursday, December 10, 2015

PCG Promoting Fear of Rising Economic Powers (2013)

The PCG leadership are so fixated on race. Stephen Flurry had Robert Morley on one episode of The Trumpet Daily. Morley was only is only in the video for just five minutes and even then the duo could not help themselves but promoted a xenophobic fear of nations they view as not white.
Look around the world. I mean when Britain turned over the baton to America it was to a very friendly nation. I mean a brother nation. Same culture. Same religion. Same history. Take a look at the world today and we see the rising economic powers. They're in Asia. They're in Europe. They're in the Middle East. And the difference is these aren't friendly rising powers. I mean America and Britain, they were integrated economically and financially. They work together. They were the same people. (Robert Morley, "Spending Our Way to Oblivion," The Trumpet Daily, December 3, 2013.)
In other words the "rising economic powers" of Asia, Europe (alluding to Germany and Catholics) and the Middle East are not "the same people" as (white) British and (white) Americans and are not to be trusted.

It is unfortunate that believing in the false dogma of British Israelism should produce such xenophobia. The COGs need to repent of such attitudes.

It is also mentioned that Robert Morley was in charge of The Trumpet Weekly.

(PCG teaches their followers to pay three tithes to the organization.)


  1. OK then: America for the Americans!

    Native Americans?

    I'm not sure the PCG would be happy with that -- something about a degenerate race needing to be supplanted by the lost tribes of Israel (which, according to the Mormons, would be the Native Americans).

    Oh what a tangled web we weave when at first we learn about British Israelism.

  2. Yes. That British Israelism has caused so much trouble.