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Dave Pack is Lying about HWA

Dave Pack is lying about HWA.

Notice what Dave Pack wrote in the first two questions in his questionnaire for ministers in other COGs wishing to join RCG that he unveiled in his twenty-second and latest "Special Announcement".
1) Retirement—Mr. Armstrong taught that retirement is not an option for a true minister. 
Did you retire? If so, when, and why did you think yourself an exception? 
(2) Non-Career—Mr. Armstrong taught that “going non-career” is not an option for a true minister.
Did you do this? If so, why did you think yourself an exception?
Dave Pack is lying.

I was reading some issues of the Pastor's Report in early 1979 and I read HWA and Meredith discussing this very issue in the May 29, 1979 Pastor's Report, page 1.

On page 1 Meredith announces HWA's decision to end "the whole concept of the non-career ministry." 
Fellow ministers, Mr. Armstrong informed me recently that he is definitely ending the whole concept of the non-career ministry. As he stated, he didn't know about it until the last few months and had nothing to do with its inception.  He feels it is wrong for a minister to resign from his calling as a minister and yet at the same time want to retain some of the benefits, prestige and authority of the ministry. And although I did not in any way bring this matter to him for a decision, I certainly agree.   

Therefore, as finances make possible, we will honor any previous financial commitments made on the 40% base salary per month per number of years served in the ministry. But, any who have resigned or do resign in the future from the active ministry will henceforth be regarded as lay members in God's Church.

If, in particular cases, the local minister in future months and years--after checking with Headquarters--wishes to use one of these men to help counsel or visit, he may do so. But they have resigned from the ministry and will NOT be regarded as elders to anoint, preach, counsel or carry on any other function of the ministry.
They did NOT say that any minister who retired was no longer a true minister as though he was shirking his responsibilities before God and his flock, as Dave Pack deceptively implies.

They simply said any minister who retired could no longer "retain some of the benefits, prestige and authority of the ministry" as well. Once a minister in good standing with WCG resigned he was to be regarded as only a lay member.

They did NOT say any minister who went "non-career" is not a true minister, as though he were some lazy man shirking his responsibilities as Dave Pack deceptively implies.

They simply announced here that that particular career option was abolished and that (after a transition period) this option could no longer be used by ministers.

Dave Pack is lying about HWA.

What else is he lying about?

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  1. Dave Pack lies about a great many things. And I will never forget his classic argument to support his "apostleship": "If I'm not an apostle, then this work is invalid. But the fact that I'm doing the work proves that I'm an apostle..." Not to mention that he is no better than Gerald Flurry (whom he loves to bash) when it comes to title-grabbing. Pack used to claim that it was Christ himself (as an apostle) to whom the "two witnesses" would directly report. Now they will report to Dave Pack? The man has completely reversed his original stance -- that he would never claim titles, never add to/take away from "established doctrine," etc. Not only has god currently taken a backseat to Pack, but Armstrong himself has been relegated to merely riding shotgun...