Thursday, July 4, 2013

PCG's Callum Wood Brainwashing PCG Members to Fear Germany

On July 1, PCG published an article by Callum Wood, Why Saudi Arabia Can't Afford to Lose in Syria, discussing the current tragic war in Syria and focusing mainly on Saudi Arabia's perspective.
Syria is Iran’s most important ally in the Middle East. The Saudis understand this, and understand what many nations in the West choose to overlook: that Iran is working to maintain and expand its sphere of influence. 
The West choose to overlook this how? How is the West ignoring Iran? They have only slapped so many sanctions on Iran that people there are having trouble getting their medicine.

There is a simply shallow attempt at pretending to be more dramatic than you actually are.
The Saudis fear a rising Iran, which has been increasingly aggressive in establishing its presence across the Middle East and North Africa since the “Arab Spring.”
What about the Iraq War? A horrific war which killed about 4486 US soldiers and over 100,000 Iraqis, and which also led to Iran gaining great influence among Shiite Iraqis who now dominate Iraqi politics.

Recently I was lucky enough to read The Endgame by Michael R. Gordon and General Bernard E. Trainor, an account of the Iraq War, 2003-2012. The book is quite explicit in demonstrating how many Iraqis, especially the Arab Shiites, are very much under Iran's influence. A lot of Iran's push for influence within Iraq occurred long before the Arab Spring arose. I find it strange that Wood ignores that factor in Iran's present situation.
Why does Callum Wood think it fine to ignore that terrible war? Why is his thinking about current affairs so terribly shallow he would ignore a war in which US soldiers played such an important role?

Why does Wood pretend that Iran's political moves for influence within the Arab World is only a recent thing? 
A swift end to the conflict is in the interests of the Saudis, who have multiple fires to put out in the Middle East, fires which Iran is doing its best to fan. Embers of the “Arab Spring” still smolder in Bahrain, where protests against the government are occurring, right on Saudi Arabia’s doorstep. The last thing the Saudis want is to be fighting a conflict on their own turf, sapping their ability to counter Iran in nations such as Syria. 
Wood is thoughtlessly repeating the vicious accusation that protesters in Bahrain are agents of Iran. The fact is in Bahrain the government is dominated mainly by Sunni Muslims, but they actually only constitute about 40% of the population. The majority of the population, about 60%, are Shiites, and are left marginalized by the predominantly Sunni government. They were attempting to redress this unsatisfactory situation when they rose up in early 2011.

They were not inspired by Iran in these actions. If anything they were inspired by the protesters in predominantly Sunni neighbors.

These protesters were viciously suppressed by the Bahraini government. In an attempt to demonize the protesters in order to justify their suppression and to maintain their undemocratic state of affairs the Bahraini government spread the lie that they were part of an outside conspiracy headed by Iran.

Alas, because Gerald Flurry teaches that Iran will be the prophetic King of the South, PCG writers will be biased towards believing and spread that vicious accusation. 

For anyone interested in actual information about the turmoil in Bahrain here is Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark, courtesy of Al Jazeera. (Warning: Video contains graphic content. Not for the faint hearted.)
When Europe voted to lift the ban on arming the rebels, it was a clear sign that Europe intends to play a greater role in Syria and thereby the fight against Iranian influence. 
I find it curious how Wood makes no mention of how the US has recently decided to arm the rebels as well.
Wood does this in order to scare PCG members into believing that the supposedly German dominated European Union is on the verge of becoming a hostile superpower that will destroy the US and Britain. Mentioning the fact that the US is still by far the mightiest country in the world, and that they are arming the Syrian rebels as well, does not serve to keep PCG members in mental bondage to PCG's leaders, so it is not mentioned.

Also, as far as I know, Germany is actually very reluctant to arm the rebels. It is mainly Britain and France which wish to do so within the EU. 
The Saudis are incapable of stopping Iran alone. Watch as Europe steps in to counter Iran and the spread of Shia Islam in the region.
Never mind that the Germans actually want to stay out of the war in Syria. Can't let facts like that get in the way of deceiving PCG members so they will keep sending the three tithes and offerings into Headquarters.

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