Wednesday, July 17, 2013

HWA's Makeup Ban was a Tool to Get More Money from Members

Another reason why HWA reimposed his makeup ban upon female church members is that he wanted them to send more money to his church.

He reimposed his makeup ban after disfellowshipping his son, Garner Ted Armstrong. He would have known that many WCG members would leave over this. He panicked. He wanted more money and resources to operate his church.

So he reimposed the makeup ban. HWA anticipated that church members would stop paying for makeup. He knew that these church members would send some of that extra money to him and his church.

What more evidence is needed to show that HWA was not a man sent by God but in fact he was a ruthless exploiter of his followers who unnecessarily imposed many terrible burdens upon them and lived in the lap of luxury at their expense.

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