Monday, July 22, 2013

How Armstrongism Produces Narcissists

Saw this enlightening Anonymous comment from Banned by HWA:
It was the very doctrines of Armstrongism that exaggerated, condoned, and blossomed Narcissism within the church, instead of servant leadership, servitude, and humility. Notice these Armstrongism narcissism feeders that fed a person's self-importance and warped many minds:

1) You were born to be a King.
2) You were destined to rule.
3) You were special, one of a very few called in this whole world.
4) God chose You out of everybody else
5) You were a part of a very special work.
6) You were important.
7) You were going to be GOD HIMSELF. [It is a bit more accurate to say that we were taught that we would become God beings as fully God as God is God in nature, but we would remain under God's rule.]
8) You were keeping the Law right where everyone else weren't.
9) You are going to recreate the whole universe.
10) You're the first of many brethren. You'll be in the FIRST resurrection.
11) If you're a minister, you're even MORE important! You're the special of the special, the best of the best!
12) The World is not important, you are, the church is, and Herbert Armstrong.
13) You're a part of the biggest work in the whole wide world.
14) NO ONE ELSE in the WHOLE WORLD knows what YOU know or understands what YOU understand.

This is what Armstrongism taught. Those with narcissistic tendancies could not have ever been in a better environment then Armstrongism to completely shut themselves out to reality and feed narcissism with the strongest "fuel" possible. It's missing the whole message about Jesus: Focusing off of service and focusing on self. This is one of the biggest ways to see a false religion from an attitude of true service and love. 
It is embarrasing to say but in one letter Meredith sent me he assured me that God had chosen me to understand the truths (Arstrongism). I wholeheartedly believed him. And so I further fell into the terrible heretical madness of Armstrongism. 

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