Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Meredith Ordering WCG Ministers to Ignore the Betrayed C. Wayne Cole's Words (1979)

Here is Roderick C. Meredith once again demonizing C. Wayne Cole, this time for trying to get his side of the story told to people within WCG. Roderick C. Meredith viewed him as a rival for access to HWA and accused him of collaborating with the State of California's receivership when in fact Cole was only doing what HWA ordered and HWA changed his mind and betrayed him, casting him out of the church.

These words of Meredith may be seen in the June 11, 1979 Pastor's Report, page 2
Of a far more ominous nature is the news -- which many of you know -- that Wayne Cole and the dissidents have been "dredging up" from the past all kinds of old reports, letters and memos which they can find which in any way make the Work look "bad," appear to be contradictory, etc. This, coupled with various reasonings and accusations based on this out-dated information, is being sent out to many of you ministers.

I am sure that most of you are intelligent and mature enough to see through the twisted fabric of various bits and pieces of truth mixed with half-truth, lies mixed with speculation which are woven together in a distorted manner to make Mr. Armstrong and God's Work look bad. If any of you have sincere questions about this material -- not only for your own sake but to be able to answer others -- please drop me a line about the specific point and I will try to see that we make a genuine answer to you and we will NOT try to judge you or hold this inquiry against you in any way.
I wonder how many ask questions of Meredith? Did he judge them for it? Of course it is impossible for me to know the answers to such questions, but based on what I know of him I would not have trusted his assurances that "we will NOT try to judge you or hold this inquiry against you in any way" if this publication was sent to me.

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