Thursday, July 18, 2013

HWA Declares Faculty No Longer Need Non-AC Degrees (1979)

 This is from the June 18, 1979 Pastor's Report, page 11.

Here HWA mocks higher education and boastfully proclaims, through Raymond McNair, that faculty members of Ambassador Collage no longer need to gain degrees from other colleges and universities not controlled by WCG.
During our visit, Mr. Armstrong told us that he has come to realize that "higher degrees" from this world's institutions have been detrimental to many of our faculty. For this reason, we are no longer requiring our faculty to go "outside" for degrees from this world's colleges and universities.
I wonder how many WCG members would not have gone to Ambassador College if they knew that the degrees conferred were so useless that its faculty needed degrees from other universities to work at Ambassador College?

And all this talk about AC being "God's College" and therefore they do not need outside degrees only show how HWA sought to further isolate WCG members from society in order to more effectively exploit them.

Later on in page 15 it is stated that HWA did not want WCG members going door to door.

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  1. Noticed Germany now: THE major player, 'Go to' nation + powerhouse/engineroom of europe?