Saturday, July 20, 2013

Meredith Praises Non-US Members for being more Loyal than US Members (1979)

On page 2 of the July 16, 1979 Pastor's Report Roderick C. Meredith praises non-US congregations as being more "loyal" then US churches. He also uses this to once again take pot shots at Garner Ted Armstrong and scapegoats him for the problems of the 1970s.

As though HWA's false prophecy of 1972-5, HWA's extravagant spending of tithe money to meet world leaders, HWA's vicious exploitation of church members by demanding three tithes and extra offerings, HWA's anti-medicine superstition which caused the unnecessary death of church members, intense suspicions of Stanley Rader's power, and other issues had nothing to do with these problems.
Speaking of growth and unity, the international areas have had the greatest amount of this in the last year or two. WHY?

Frankly, the answer is not hard to come by. Because of the fact that many of these areas--such as Britain, France, Germany, etc., have either had very little or no exposure from GTA--they have really been growing in membership, in financial income and in unity and brotherhood MUCH MORE than many areas in the U.S. Obviously, they were not exposed to the liberalism, playboyism and subtle spirit of self-will and rebellion which was spread so much from GTA and a number of his present followers over the last few years. The "put-downs", the negative attitudes and accusations expressed so often in many areas of the U.S. simply NEVER REACHED many of our international areas in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa, etc. Or, if some of these negative "vibes" did reach those shores, they were so diminished by the time they arrived  that it had very little to no effect--especially since we had positive, loyal and enthusiastic leaders in these areas to counteract such garbage!

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