Saturday, July 20, 2013

John D. Siemasko's Disfollowshipment Ordeal (1979)

On page 9 of the July 2, 1979 Pastor's Report is the following notice.
If you or any members have questions regarding John D. Siemasko, a disfellowshipped member, please contact John D. Hammer at [phone number].
At present it is impossible for me learn the story behind this notice or why they felt it necessary to mention this in the Pastor's Report.

Ambassador Report 11 (March 1980) reports that a minister named John Hammer was disfellowshipped by WCG as announced on page 1 of the February 25, 1980, Worldwide News. Of course it is impossible to know if this is the same man.

(That issue of the Worldwide News has an absolutely disgusting article by HWA commanding WCG members to shun the disfellowshipped and claiming that God (meaning HWA's God) commands them to do so.) 

At present it is impossible to know the fear, the turmoil and the pain that lies behind this bland notice. I hope that he and those who love were able to overcome that ordeal and create happy and meaningful lives for themselves free of HWA's cult.

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  1. The Pastor Generals Report routinely had information in it about disfellowshipped people. Usually there were instructions to read the name/s publicly from the pulpit. Just mroe of the bullying tactics of the church.