Tuesday, July 23, 2013

GTA's CGI Forbade Interracial Marriage (c. 1993)

From Ambassador Report 52 (June 1993)
Cosden A. Foland, a security guard who was recently in the news for his heroics in foiling a store robbery (see The Indianapolis Star, 8/18/92), was a loyal [Church of God International] member who discovered that by entering into an interracial marriage he was no longer welcome in CGI (see AR45, p. 4). As a result, Foland ... formed his own small fellowship group. He, nevertheless, still wanted to consider the CGI brethren his friends and hoped to occasionally fellowship with them as he and his family did with other groups. Here is what happened to him:
My family and I were sitting in CGI services listening to the sermon when four men came up and asked us to leave. I said, "Why?" They then said that if we didn't leave they would call the police. I said, "Call the police!" But the police never came. A few days later, however, the police did come to my place of work and served papers on me.

We were all on the TV stations. And in court my lawyer made them look sick. They are sick, but I continue to pray for them. Anyway, the judge said that I could visit or go to the church if I wanted. I no longer want to, however.
Ironically, GTA claims his church is nonracist,
There are very few things more racist than forbidding interracial marriage.

It also should be stated that HWA also banned inter-racial marriage and even made this astoundingly racist proclamation in his last book, Mystery of the Ages. 

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