Saturday, July 6, 2013

Is This Why So Many Legalistic COGs Are Now in Trouble?

I could not help but notice this comment from Byker Bob in Banned by HWA.
I think the stricter adherents to Armstrongism are going crazy, because Herbie's stuff isn't coming to pass, doesn't look like there is any way it can come to pass because the so-called church has been fragged and nothing is happening in Europe, and they're beginning to realize the unthinkable, that they've wasted their entire lives and most of their opportunities and resources. It's not a pretty picture, but all of this became totally predictable after 1975, and should have been underscored by the death of HWA.
I remember when I discovered Armstrongism in early 2000 their idea that the European Union would emerge as a world superpower that would destroy the US and Britain seemed quite plausible to me at the time.

But today with the EU in severe financial turmoil because of their Euro currency to say they will displace the US seems the most absurd and ludicrous idea now.

Perhaps the pressure of seeing events stubbornly refusing to confirm what HWA said is causing turmoil within the legalistic COGs.

Perhaps this is why Gerald Flurry started speculating that PCG members should no longer have children. (Although James Malm seems to think this is somewhat misunderstood and that Flurry was merely speculating, but because of PCG's secrecy it is hard to know what really happened.)

Perhaps this is why Dave Pack has foisted his false prophecy of August 30 upon RCG members as a desperate denial of HWA's failed prophecies.

Perhaps this is why LCG members have been heroically resisting Meredith's tyranny by not paying as much tithes and offerings as before. They see the EU is not about to rise up and destroy the US and Britain. They are destroying themselves instead. They saw Richard Ames give a crystal to Meredith for LCG's anniversary celebration and concluded they did not need to give as much as before.

It seems painfully clear that the legalistic COGs are struggling to keep their followers enslaved with HWA's false dogmas and false predictions.  

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