Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Larry Flint Threatened to Expose Garner Ted Armstrong's Sexual Shenanigans

From Ambassador Report 52:
When Larry Flynt announced in June, 1978 that the September issue of his Hustler magazine would make those same sordid facts known nationally, GTA was coincidentally disfellowshipped, this time for good, by HWA within days. While HWA's June 26,1978 disfellowshipment letter to GTA gave other (nonsensical) reasons for the disfellowshipment, the fact is GTA's reputation for womanizing within the church and gambling in Vegas played a major role in his being permanently banished from the WCG. Yet, to this day [1993], GTA has not publicly (or, perhaps, even to himself) acknowledged the part his own sins played in his fall.

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