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Meredith's Reaction to 1979 Gun Massacre: Satan Trying to Stop People Going to WCG Meeting

I found Roderick C. Meredith making this astoundingly stupid and arrogant statement on page 2 of the April 30, 1979 Pastor's Report.
Probably you have all read about the gunman who shot two women, injured fifty people and then killed himself back in San Antonio -- right near the site of our campaign this Friday night! It almost appear that Satan is up to his old tricks again -- trying to discourage people or hinder them from wanting to come out for such a meeting!

The two women were murdered. Their names are Amelia Castillo and Ida Dollard. 

Here is an account of that tragic shooting.
the 64-year-old veteran of World War II [Ira Attebury] drove a motor home packed with guns and ammunition to the intersection of East Grayson Street and Broadway. He parked in front of Burggraf Tire Co., where he sat through the night and waited for the crowds.

Later, they would call him crazy. He was an addict of PCP and occasional inmate of mental hospitals. He was paranoid, driven mad by merriment. At some point, however, he was preparing, removing plugs from shotguns to fit more shells inside, loading dozens of handguns and rifles and armoring the walls of the Winnebago with rolls of paper towels. ...

Then something started popping. Nagy thought someone was tossing firecrackers at him. There was no pain, only the sensation of something slamming into his legs. He turned to his fellow officers. All of them were gone.

Nagy watched a ring of smoke drift toward him. It touched his chest; it rose and dissolved. He tried to take a step. He fell onto Broadway, flat on his face.

Four other officers were on the ground, all riddled with shotgun pellets.

No one could find the shooter.

Moment of grace

For about 30 endless minutes, Attebury reigned.

For about 30 minutes, he plunged a day reserved for citywide joy into one of sudden terror. He planned and committed a bloodbath years before mass shootings would puncture the national consciousness. Two people would die and at least 50 would suffer injuries, including more than a dozen children.

But police say it could have been worse. A moment of grace saved lives. (Source.)

Eventually a police officer heroically approached the shooter and shot him preventing him from inflicting further harm upon the innocent populace.

Also here is an eighteen minute video from a TV reporter who was there, 1979: Sniper fires into Battle of Flowers crowd

What insensitive arrogance Meredith displayed!

Here Meredith learns about this horrendous incident in which a mentally disturbed man murdered two women and caused astounding suffering during his random thirty minute shooting rampage, and the thought that enters Meredith's mind is, "It almost appear that Satan is up to his old tricks again -- trying to discourage people or hinder them from wanting to come out for such a meeting!"

Meredith complains that this massacre gets in the way of WCG's speaking engagement.

Meredith thinks this terrible massacre is all about "God's Church".

Everyone else are unsaved people who has been blinded to the truth until they are resurrected in the Great White Throne Judgment. The massacre can't be about them.

Also note the promise of great expansion for WCG soon Meredith also made in this issue.
We are not growing rapidly yet. But I definitely sense a feeling in the vast majority of the ministers and brethren that we are getting back to the "Gideon's army" type of attitude, that we are "turning the corner," and that real progress and GROWTH is coming up soon on the horizon! 
What actually happened was that the man HWA chose as his successor decided to convert and took the organization with him destroying the work HWA had created and led. Meredith did not see that coming.

Even today Meredith still makes these empty promises of real growth coming soon any minute now. He told WCG members in 1979, he tells LCG members this today.

They are worthless promises. Meredith cannot deliver.

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