Monday, July 29, 2013

UCG Parents Shun Child Who Wishes to Leave Armstrongism

I was shocked to see the latest post from All About Armstrongism noting how one commenter on Banned by HWA has revealed that he/she has been shunned by his/her parents in UCG for the last two weeks since the person announced his/her defection from Armstrongism.
And just for the record, my UCG parents haven't spoken to me except for a hateful accusatory letter in more than 2 weeks since I told them I was leaving Armstrongism. Kinder, gentler cult my ass...
Such behavior is absolutely abominable.

How on Earth do these parents expect their religion to be taken seriously by anyone if they would treat their own child in such a vicious and nasty manner? This is inexcusable.

Did not Paul say that those who refuse to provide for their family members are worse than unbelievers? These parents claim to follow God and then ignore statements such as that.

These parents need to repent of their great offense against God, nature and society. They must continue to be parents with the child regardless of his/her worldviews, whether they contradict with the teachings of HWA and UCG or not.

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