Tuesday, July 23, 2013

GTA's CGI Often Used as Halfway House to Other Things

Ambassador Report 52, June 1993, has a most fascinating report on the state of the Church of God International, then led by Garner Ted Armstrong.
While there are those who are happy with their membership in CGI, our mail indicates that many who leave the WCG for CGI do not remain there for long. For many, CGI is a half-way house, only a stepping stone to other things. As one of our readers wrote us, "GTA's church is in a time warp. They are essentially just holding onto the few truths they had ten or twenty years ago. Those who really want to grow spiritually find themselves moving on."
I recall Mr. Gavin Rumney, author of the Ambassador Watch blog, commented that the this very thing happened in his journey out of Armstrongism. 

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